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Sample Roasting

What is sample roasting and why is it important?
Sample roasters are a fun piece of kit which gives the roaster the ability to roast up small samples to taste. But sample roasters are generally designed very differently to production roasters and they can’t produce the same flavours profiles as a production roaster might, so how is this useful?
For this event we will be discussing some perspectives on what sample roasting and cupping is and perhaps what it shouldn’t be, but specifically what a sample roast profile is trying to achieve in relationship to quality control.
We will be running some roasts on a sample roaster tracked on cropster to get some hands on experience on how to manage consistency on these tricky little beasts.
Of course its all about flavours in the cup, and sample roasting is explicitly connected with evaluating through cupping. So we will also taste a selection of roast profiles to cup while studying the roast curves to see how they translate.
We will also discuss how to design and choose a good template for your specific sample roaster set up.
Even if you don’t plan on buying a sample roaster, there will be nuggets of coffee leanings which should be of value to better understanding coffee quality, and how to address it.
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