Spring Symposium & Events in November

In New Zealand we do some things well, others not so much. If we were to identify one of our strengths, especially within the New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association it is that we are able to pool our knowledge and resources to progress our industry.
Listening to the feedback from our AGM in April there was a remarkable call from our members for two things ; More education and more community networking.
So here we go.
NZCRA event – Wednesday 9th November – Auckland

Join us for a varied & interesting half day member-only event.

12 noon – 2pm
Huhtamaki tour
Witness 100,000 paper cups printed & formed an hour. And a zero waste policy. Includes lunch.
Venue: Huhtamaki, 30 Keeling Rd, Henderson

2.30 – 4pm
Social cupping
Garth from John Burton’s demystifies the green bean purchasing process, plus cupping of some fine coffees.
Venue: Cupping Lab, Atomic Coffee Roasters, 420 New North Rd, Kingsland

NZCRA special meeting
Strategic review outcomes & committee recommendations
Venue: Cafe, Atomic Coffee Roasters, 420 New North Rd, Kingsland

Dinner & drinks
Dinner $25 per head, cash bar
Venue: Cafe, Atomic Coffee Roasters

RSVP emma@coffee.dev
021 415 810
Include which of the activities above you are able to attend.
Beyond the Number 8 Wire: Evolving our mindset to match our changing industry
The Symposium is a single day of some of the most powerful thinkers in coffee – from abroad & locally. The theme for this exciting inaugural event is ‘Beyond the Number 8 wire: Evolving our mindset to match our changing industry’ Our aim is to stimulate thought, debate & to encourage the sharing of knowledge in a relaxed and engaging environment with free flowing wine & fine cuisine.
Upon arrival you will be welcomed into the Symposium and move into different groups. Each one will select one of the areas and enjoy their ‘Power Talks’ from our national luminaires who will each give 20-minute presentations followed by group discussions.
The groups will come together as one to listen to our international guest speakers.
We hope to see many of our members at what will undoubtedly be the most stimulating day of your professional life.
Keynote speakers:
James Hoffmann
The market doesn’t know what it wants, so don’t listen to it
James Hoffmann, owner of Square Mile Coffee, London, WBC Champion 2007. James is one of the most sought after speakers on the coffee circuit. He has the amazing ability to make you question everything you think you know.
Mark Dundon
Mark Dundon is undoubtedly ‘the most influential person in Melbourne coffee’. He was responsible for Ray & St Ali. He now owns Seven Seeds & hip Melbourne cafés Brother Baba Budan & De Clieu. He travels to origin more than just about anyone. He is currently working on a collaborative project to raise the standard of green coffee imported to Australia.
Ric Rhinehart
Taking coffee international
Ric Rhinehart is Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the largest coffee association in the world. A dynamic speaker, Ric has great ambitions for the SCAA beyond America & into the rest of the world.
Ellie Hudson-Matuszak
Education can make or break a business
Ellie Hudson-Matuszak is Director of Professional Development for the SCAA. She has been on the SCAA’s Board of Directors and Chair of the SCAA Professional Development Committee. Ellie’s experience in specialty coffee began Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, where she was Director of Training & Knowledge.
New Zealand speakers:
Tony Kerridge, Caffe L’affare and Carl Sara, Crafted Coffee Company
New Zealand should have more small roasters
Chris Dillon, Coffee Supreme and Mike Murphy, Kokako
Redefining success, from selling coffee to building brands
Jessica Godfrey, Caffe L’affare
Ignore social media, its just a fad!
Steve Gianoutsos, Mojo Coffee Cartel
Aggressive growth vs organic growth

Symposium cost $500 + gst per person
Enrol two members of the same company $1000 + gst receive a third place at NO CHARGE

Time: 8.30am – 5pm
Date: Thursday 10 November
Venue: Kumeu Valley Estate, 972 Old North Rd, Waimuku, Auckland

For more information, an itinerary or to enroll immediately, contact Emma
Friday Nov 11th Auckland
8:00 am – 5:00 pm SCAA Instructor Development Program (IDP)
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Baristas chat with a Champion James Hoffmann
Saturday Nov 12th Wellington
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Baristas chat with a Champion James Hoffmann
Sunday- Monday Nov 13-14 th Wellington
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Two day WBC Accredited Judges Workshop for experienced national judges