The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA)

Formerly the New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association (NZCRA), was formed in 2005 and is the national representative body for specialty coffee stakeholders in New Zealand.

NZSCA Objectives

Represent all Stakeholders

To represent all stakeholders in New Zealand specialty coffee by recognising and engaging with the broad range of constituents in the industry

Provide a Forum

To provide a forum for industry participants to advance the New Zealand specialty coffee industry

Provide Professional Development

To provide professional development through the provision of training, education, support and other development opportunities

Promote Public Interest

To promote public interest by increasing consumer awareness and understanding of specialty coffee in New Zealand.

Governance and Member Benefits

The NZSCA is governed by a Board which comprises a President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and five other members. An Immediate Past President shall serve for one year after their term of office.

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Voting rights

Each member has one vote. Voting includes the election of the Board at each AGM and any item that might be put forth from time to time.

Board & Committee representation

Each member is entitled to stand for election on the Board of the NZSCA and to put their names forth for committee selection. 

Logo use

All members may use the NZSCA Member logo on specified collateral

Roasting company members may promote their brand or business as coffee roasted in New Zealand through the common logo of the Association. Guidelines>

Website presence

All members shall have their membership recognised on the NZSCA website with their company logo and link to their company website.

Role Advertisements via 

All members shall be able to advertise coffee industry roles to our other members on our Social Media pages.  Terms and Conditions apply. Contact info@nzsca.org to tell us about your job opportunities.


All members shall receive the NZSCA e-newsletters.

Industry Voice

The NZSCA provides a focused voice for the specialty coffee industry in New Zealand and facilitates communication of industry issues to the public and media where relevant.

Event invitations & participation

Invitations to member-only events such as the NZSCA AGM and other networking events

Preferential bookings for industry events such as the NZSCA Symposium

Discounted booking rates for events such as Professional Development courses

The NZSCA runs a number of industry events such as the NZ Barista Championship, NZ Latte Art Championship and NZ Cup Tasters Championship.

Discounted ticketing, all tickets sold to non-members are at an additional 25% cost. Purchasers must disclose the member company and their position within the company.

Common forum

All membership events and activities are an excellent forum for members to network and interact with coffee roasters, companies, and people involved in the industry from within New Zealand and abroad.

Professional Development

The NZSCA runs a program of internationally recognised professional development courses developed for our NZ hospitality industry.

Supplier discounts

The NZSCA has special supplier relationships that can lead to discounts or special rates for members.

Recognition of contribution & excellence

The NZSCA recognises excellence in the coffee industry via Championship events (Barista, Cup Tasters, Latte Art, Coffee In Good Spirits), Recognition Awards, and the NZSCA member sponsorship fund.

Sustainability practices:

Working with industry bodies to create best practices concentrating on decarbonisation and circular economies.

Some of the reasons our members belong

“We joined the Association ages ago and in this time we have enjoyed access to quality technical advice, supplier introductions, up-skilling workshops, and numerous social networking opportunities.”

Mike Murphy, MD Kokako Coffee

“We want to be involved in the conversations.  We send people out to complete and love hosting events.  We see the NZSCA being crucial stakeholders in the industry and we want to be a part of it”

Frank Hsu, Frank's Coffee, WEllington


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Currently, we are developing our Professional Development courses. We have the New Zealand license for the SCAA International Education Partnership License. There are many roasting-focussed courses we are able to bring to our members and the public. Keep an eye on our Events calendar> and the News & Happenings> also subscribe to our e-newsletter here>

Many of our existing members have worked in the industry for some time and have learnt the trade whilst working alongside more experienced roasters. Others have bought existing businesses and have been trained by the previous owner.

Books, trade magazines and the internet also have a wealth of information available. ‘Roast’ or ‘BeanScene’ magazines are good ones to check out.

NZSCA does not have any forums in place for the sale of equipment. These sales are made through either Trade Me or the roaster’s personal contacts within the industry.

Currently, we are developing our Professional Development courses. We have the New Zealand license for the SCAA International Education Partnership License. There are many barista-focussed courses we are able to bring to our members and the public. Keep an eye on our Events calendar or subscribe to our e-newsletter here>

Promotion of events and member driven events through NZSCA platforms.

The NZSCA are happy to promote and assist in any event that actively promotes community and or education or furthers our goals as an association. These events must however be inclusive and open to anyone that may choose to attend. We will not promote or assist in advertising/promoting events that are targeted to members only and sales driven or core business sales driven.

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Memberships are renewed automatically on 1 April every year unless written notification is made to the Communications and Administration Co-ordinator of the NZSCA.

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