Meet Q-grader Shawn Steiman

Meet Q-grader Shawn Steiman in Wellington courtesy of Peoples Coffee…
Shawn is a Q-grader and very passionate about all things to do with coffee. NZCRA members are invited to share in a cupping session with Shawn Steiman. Shawn is in New Zealand to present at a conference in Wellington and has generously offered his time to share his findings and perspective on how we evaluate coffees.
This will be a good opportunity for those who cup coffees to extend their knowledge over a cupping table with an experienced coffee grader.
Info: Shawn Steiman, PhD: Cupping and Discussion on Evaluating Flavour
Date: Monday the 31st October
Time: 6pm
Location: Peoples Coffee Roastery, 22 B Newtown Ave, Newtown, Wellington.
Content: Cupping, presentation, and discussion around how coffee is evaluated. Open-ended format with plenty of room for discussion.
Cost: $20 door charge for beer and coffee.
RSVP: To by Monday, 24th October – Numbers are limited to first 40.

Shawn Steiman, PhD: Coffee Scientist and Consultant
Dr. Steiman holds MS and PhD degrees from the University of Hawai‘i in the field of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences.  He is also a Licensed Q Grader as granted by the Coffee Quality Institute.  He has researched various aspects of coffee science, including horticulture, biochemistry and sensory analysis.  He currently is working on two research projects, one that is using a novel technique on coffee to combat the coffee berry borer and another to establish a biochemically-based model for determining a coffee’s origin.
His passion and love of coffee inspired him to write The Hawai‘i Coffee Book: A Gourmet’s Guide from Kona to Kaua‘i, a respected, comprehensive guide to coffee production and consumption that also details the intricacies of the Hawai‘i coffee industry.  He also has written articles for the award-winning coffee trade journal Roast Magazine and for peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Dr. Steiman is the owner of Coffea Consulting, a consulting firm that supports all members of the coffee industry, from seed to cup.  Coffea Consulting provides assistance and education to farmers (production, quality, and sustainability), processors (quality and sustainability), roasters (sourcing and quality), retailers (sourcing, quality, and training), and consumers (education).  Dr. Steiman presently has multiple projects underway in Hawai‘i and has worked on others in Mexico, Zambia, and for the government of Puerto Rico.