Nominations for Lifetime Membership 2012

Who will join Jeff Kennedy and John Burton as recipients of NZSCA Lifetime membership?
Nominations are now open for the Lifetime Membership award 2012. Nominate one of your peers now!
The NZ Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) was formed in 2005 and is the national representative body for specialty coffee stakeholders in New Zealand. One of the NZSCA’s key objectives is to recognize excellence in coffee and the coffee industry.
NZSCA lifetime membership is awarded to members of who have served the coffee industry in New Zealand or brought distinction to it over and above the normal course of their job.
For a member to qualify for a Lifetime membership they must have fulfilled one of the following:
1. Excellence and high achievement in his/her career that reflects positively on the coffee industry;
2. Having served with distinction in the management of, or service to, the NZSCA or the coffee industry.
Lifetime membership is the NZSCA’s highest honour in recognition of coffee excellence and contribution.
Information required in Lifetime Membership nominations
All nominations must be made in writing using the NZSCA Lifetime Membership Application form and must include the following information:
• Name & full contact details of you (the nominator/person making the nomination)
• Which guild and/or which NZSCA member company you, the nominator, belongs to
• Name & full contact details of the nominee (the person you are nominating)
• Which guild and/or which NZSCA member company the nominee belongs to
• An overview of the nominee, where s/he works, his/her experience & key milestones in the coffee industry
• Supporting references from two other peers
Please note:
• NZSCA Lifetime membership is open to members of the NZSCA, NZRG or NZBG only
• NZSCA Lifetime membership nominations are due on 15 October 2012 with an award made at the NZSCA Symposium dinner on 14 November 2012 in Wellington.
Submission of Lifetime membership nominations
Nominations must be made using the NZSCA Lifetime Membership application form, with supporting documentation emailed to
View the online application form now>
A soft copy may be requested by emailing
Nominations can also be forwarded to:
Membership Committee Chair
NZ Specialty Coffee Association
PO Box 87
All nominations are assessed by the Membership committee in the first instance, then the Board of the NZSCA and, if necessary, other members of the Association. The nominator will be advised of the outcome prior to the lifetime membership being awarded. It is expected that this information be kept strictly confidential up until the award is made.
Nominations close 15 October 2012
The Board will notify the members of NZSCA of all Lifetime membership awards that are made.