IEPL multiple course set price


Four $295 IEPL courses for $1000

(Save $180)

The NZSCA has the SCAA International Education Partnership License (IEPL) for New Zealand. The license was taken for the direct aim of offering proven professional development to the coffee community and giving our members the benefit of preferential rates.
The NZSCA believes we are making professional development even more accessible by offering a discount to multiple purchasers of NZSCA coffee education.
How it works
The large majority of the NZSCA-run IEPL courses are priced at $295. NZSCA members are able to purchase a block of four $295 priced courses at one time. The member company will be invoiced for $1000 and sent a course enrolment link to fill out once the company knows which listed courses they intend to send staff to.
Who can use the IEPL course credit?
Anyone chosen by the NZSCA member company can attend the courses. You can send one person to all four courses. Or send a different staff member to each of the four courses. It’s entirely flexible.
Does the course credit expire?
The block of four courses is open for 12 months from the date of invoice.
What if one of the courses I want to attend is priced differently from $295?
Generally this shouldn’t be an issue as most of our courses are set at $295.
However so long as the average price of all four courses redeemed does not exceed $295 this is acceptable.
For instance if you wanted to send a staff member to
CP101/102 – $395
CP103 – $100
GE103 – $295
CP191 – $295
(the Barista Guild Level One prerequisite courses)
you could do so as the average price of courses is $271.25, although your saving would be less (saving $85)
Do I use the usual Eventbrite course ticketing site?
No, the Eventbrite course ticketing site is only used by individuals who are purchasing at the advertised rate.
There is a special course enrolment link that only NZSCA members who have purchased multiple courses will have access to.
How long will this offer be available for?
We want to be able to offer a special rate for multiple course purchases to our members for an ongoing period. The pricing may be revised at some time in the future but there will always be a discount available for multiple purchasers.
What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about the four course set price, please contact
Jessica Godfrey
NZSCA Development Manager
04 389 4573
021 496 101