Instructors and venues sought for ProDev courses

We are seeking instructors and venues for our Professional Development courses
Lead Instructors
Being a lead instructor is a great way to learn course content indepth and to improve your teaching skills at proven internationally recognised content.
Lead instructors will earn $50 per hour for course time
We require lead instructors who have the following:

  • An SCAA Lead Instructor credential (this qualification is earned by sitting the Instructor Development Program)
  • Subject matter expertise for the courses we will hold (barista, roasting, sensory skills)

Lead instructors must:

  • Have volunteered as a station instructor in a Professional Development course prior to being a Lead instructor
  • Sit full online beta-testing prior to being a lead instructor for a course (note: no payment is made for beta-testing)

If you are interested in instructing upcoming courses please express your interest with
Companies that offer their venue and host a Professional Development course will get a credit for one staff member to attend a Professional Development course.
The credit will be discussed at the time of offering your venue, if you’re happy to have your cafe or training centre as a ProDev venue contact now