Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship

Breaking from Nice, France
New Zealander Sam Low has placed sixth in the world at the World Latte Art Championship!!
Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship
Sam Low from Atomic Coffee Roasters is the Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Champion 2013
Runner up – Masako Yamamoto from Atomic Coffee Roasters
Third place – Gerry Zhang who was last year’s Champion
The other three finalists: Penny Sze, Brianna Liu and Calvin Mun.

FREE entry for public on Saturday 4 May, bring your friends and family!
The NZ Latte Art Championship leads to the World Latte Art Championship which is being held in Nice, France, 26-28th June 2013
The NZ Latte Art Champion prize pack will include flights, accommodation at the World Latte Art Championship, and a Mahlkonig Vario home grinder from AMC Roastery Supply NZ
The NZ Latte Art Championship will be held in strict accordance to the World Latte Art Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct and other rules pertaining to the event.
Event Overview
The Latte Art Championship highlights artistic expression in a competition platform that challenges the barista in an on-demand performance.
The championship is comprised of two separate rounds: a preliminary round and a final round.
During the preliminary round there are two components: one in the bar area where a single creative pattern is produced and photographed (10) minutes, and the other on stage (6) minutes, where two identical free-pour lattes and two identical designer lattes are produced.
The photographs will be judged by a panel of a minimum of 4 judges: 3 certified NZLAC judges and 1 judge who may be chosen for their artistic expertise (chef, artist, designer etc.), who may not have coffee expertise.
The highest-scoring six competitors will compete in the final round entirely on stage (8) minutes.In final of this championship the baristas present two identical samples of ‘art in a cup’ for 3 different beverages – a latte, a macchiato and a signature beverage. The two first pairs made only with a pitcher of milk. The signature beverage can be made with any surface aid at the choice of the barista. To ensure that the presented art is what the barista intended to deliver, the judges will be given a picture of the signature beverage design prior to the start of the presentation.
The beverages will be judged immediately for visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in the patterns, and the baristas overall performance.
Event Overview Structure
This competition takes place over 2 days and consists of a preliminary round and a finals round. Each competitor competes in the preliminary round, and then the top 6 will compete again in a finals round to determine the winner with the highest score, who becomes the NZ Latte Art Champion. (Please note that this is only a summary description of the event and that detailed structure and rules for this competition are set forth in and controlled by the Official Rules and Regulations.)
Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship
Calibration and bar section: 3 May (not open to the public)
Public competition: 4 May 10am start time – 4-5 pm announcement of winner. Running order will be drawn on the Friday & posted here!
The winner will represent New Zealand at the World event, flights and accomodation are covered. The winner will also take home a Mahlkonig Vario home grinder
World Latte Art Championship
The World Latte Art Championship will be taking place in Nice, France
26-28 June 2013
Many thanks to our sponsors
Cups: IPA Milano, Cappuccino & espresso
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco Linea
Meadow Fresh, Allpress, La Marzocco, Detpak , IPA and AMC Roastery Supply NZ

Competitors competition times Saturday


Macey Berry, Switch Espresso, Christchurch & Ken Shi, Roma Coffee Roasters, Auckland


Penny Sze, Hollywood Bakery, Auckland & Mike Boyd, Watery Mouth Cafe, Blenheim


Masako Yamamoto, Atomic Coffee, Auckland & Adam Li, Penelope Parnell, Auckland


Matt Hing, Barista Empire, Auckland & Takahito Koyanagi, Jamaica Cafe, Auckland


Isaac Hong, Coffee Gallery, Auckland & Ewan (Kangsan) Kim, The Apothecary Cafe/Bach Espresso, Auckland


Allen Li, Columbus coffee, Auckland & Sean Kim, Five Elements Espresso, Auckland


Gerry Zhang, Box Cafe and Bar, Auckland & Robert Hulse, Bell Tea & Coffee, Auckland


Addison Dale, Caffe L’affare, Wellington & Sarah Michau, Starks Cafe and Bar, Auckland


Sam Low, Atomic Coffee, Auckland & Woo Hyung Lee, Kaffeine Corner, Auckland


Calvin Mun, Coffee Gallery, Auckland & Brianna Liu, Sierra Coffee, Auckland

As soon as scores are calculated the top six will move on to the finals. Starting at 2pm