Auckland Brew Sessions #1

We have invited some of Auckland’s gun brewers to demonstrate how they get the most out of soft brewing. This will be an informal but informative evening where we can learn collectively about the art and craft of brewing.
Hopefully this will be an opportunity to spread greater awareness of soft brewing and get more baristas involved in the NZ Brewers cup 2015. This will be the first of many events aimed at doing so.
Open to anyone who is interested, we have limited spaces so this will have to be a case of first in first served.
If you have been part of the Throw Downs and enjoyed it, then make sure you get involved in the Brew Sessions.
$5 to non BG members
Time: 6pm
Date: Tuesday 22 July
Venue: Black and Gold – Coffee / Eatery
Address: 1/33 Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand 0632