The Barista – Michael Boyd

The NZ Barista Guild introduces you to its members, learn about Michael Boyd…
What is your earliest coffee related experience?
My mother decided to give me some when i was little as an alternative to ADD medication. Granted it was instant and packed with sugar but i soon learned to love it. then we would go out to cafes and try espresso coffee which was so much more amazing!
When/why did you first get working in coffee?
I was studying a computing course and wanted to do graphics design work but it never really worked out so I went into the hospitality course and just jammed out with the coffee machine for about a month and thoroughly enjoyed it. Soon after got a job at Watery Mouth Cafe where I still am today.
What led you to becoming a barista?
I love Coffee for a start. Being able to make and enjoy something you have put the effort into will always have a great satisfaction. I love meeting new customers and watching them drink and enjoy a fantastic coffee.
What is the best part about your job?
I love the artwork put on top of the coffees and peoples reactions who never see latte art. It is just so satisfying. We are a cafe which does mainly dine in coffees and I have some time to put some art in their drink. For some it just brightens up their day. So the best parts are the Coffee itself and the social interaction all day.
Talk us through a typical work day.
I usually open the cafe so I am up early setting up. Open at 8am then its usually a few coffees and when 10am hits we get a rush of regulars for about an hour. Then 12-2 is usually pretty full on. Slowing down for the afternoon. Also heaps of coffee to be drunk.
What are your roles outside of making coffee?
Duty Manager and General Manager for our cafe. I teach coffee on Tuesdays at the Community College just to give back where i was taught. I very much enjoy playing video games outside of work also.
What is your favourite brew method/Coffee origin and why?
I have personally only tried espresso and plunger myself so my answer is very limited to that degree. I love espresso without a doubt but days off at home involve my trusty Plunger. Origin wise i just got some amazing Guatemalan coffee from Underground. It was by far my favourite single origin so far followed closely by the Yirgacheffe.
Tulip or Rosetta?
I am a Rosetta lover by far but I feel more people love the Tulips and they are a wee bit harder to do so I have been doing a lot more tulips recently.
What would be your dream coffee experience?
The dream coffee experience is to never have to worry about money or customers at all and just have unlimited coffee and milk to practice and drink as my heart desires.
Wicked music playing in the background and of course i would have to have all my friends to drink them too.
Do you have a coffee crush?
Before I went to the latte art comp I was looking at pictures on facebook and google of Gerry Zhang and I was astounded by the skill which he possessed. So it would have to be him!