NZ Barista Championship workshop – Chch

Our full day workshops that prepare participants around the country for the national centralised Championship event…
The Huhtamaki New Zealand Barista Championship Workshop is designed for judges and baristas alike.
It is a full day workshop covering the technical and sensory aspects of the Championship. This workshop is invaluable for anyone serious about competing or judging NZ’s premiere barista event.
The World Barista Championship rules & regulations and scoresheets have been updated for 2014 and the NZ Barista Championship Workshop has evolved accordingly.
Are you serious about competing this year?
Well don’t listen to hearsay about past Championship events. Learn from NZ’s most experienced judges with the updated rules and regulations and scoresheets.
8:30am – 5:30pm
C4 Coffee HQ
278 Tuam St
Christchurch, Canterbury 8011
Workshop outline
Overview & Purpose Technical Part 1
Technical judges and baristas should be able to assess and accurately evaluate all scoring areas. Be competent in giving written feedback of technical skills and demonstrate an ability to multitask.
1. Identifies technical score-sheet & evaluation scale
2. Demonstrates an ability to distinguish waste within 0.5 grams of coffee waste
3. Identifies and accurately discusses dosing/tamping and distribution techniques
4. Illustrates an understanding of station management /clean working area at end
Overview & Purpose Sensory Part 2
Sensory judges & baristas should confidently and competently assess in the full scoring range of a barista’s performance in sensory evaluation. Scores should accurately reflect drinks and avoid “safe scoring”. Because sensory evaluation and scoring weigh the most in the performance, it is critical that judges achieve competency. Judges should have a basic understanding and follow protocol of each coffee served.
1. Identify and interpret the sensory score sheet
2. Distinguish and score taste balance – sweet, acidic, bitter and balance
3. Distinguish and score tactile balance – smooth, round, full body
4. Recognize and apply basic protocols
5. Recognize flavor attributes beyond the score sheet (i.e. Baristas descriptions or perceived flavors in the cup)
6. Recognize different flavor/temperature/texture/balance in cappuccinos, including coffee to milk ratios
7. Recognize ‘synergy of predominant espresso and chosen ingredients of signature drinks’
Remember to read and review the new Rules and Regulations prior to the workshop.
You will be sent a link to an online written assessment prior to the workshop, it is essential that this is completed prior to the Workshop. The written assessment includes coffee knowledge and rules and regulations 2014 questions.
Sensory taste testing & WBC video review 2013 Part 3
Video presentations & group discussion
Lunch will be provided
This workshop is a minimum pre- requisite for all HNZBC Judges
Thank you to our Huhtamaki NZ Barista Championship confirmed sponsors for 2014 – Huhtamaki, Meadow Fresh, AMC Roastery Supply NZ, Cafetto, Brita Professional