Brewing Demonstration

Brewing Demonstration at Red Rabbit Coffee Co
6pm, Thursday 27 February
Venue: Red Rabbit Coffee Co, suite 6G, 14 Leeds St, Wellington
Interested in showcasing one of your coffees? Than RSVP to with ‘Brewing workshop’ in the subject line.
What’s it about?
Different brew methods and coffees showcased by different roasteries, baristas and filter bars. You get to choose which brew method and coffee you showcase. One demonstrator per brew method, first in first serve to choose from the different styles.
Each demonstrator has 10 mins to showcase their brew method, talk about it, and the coffee that they are using. Then, while the next demonstrator is setting up, the spectators can taste the coffees. If we get 6 people showcasing plus the in between set up intervals the event should last about an hour and a half.
Win a prize!
At the end of the demonstrations all the watching Guild Members that have tasted the coffees can vote for their favorite demonstrator. The Brew master will then be awarded with a Porlex Hand Grinder as a prize.