NZ Roaster Guild: Guatemala origin tour and Re:co Guatemala

The New Zealand Roaster Guild is pulling together an Origin Trip in mid-August, to coincide with coffee symposium Re:co Guatemala, and the Anacafe (National coffee association of Guatemala) National Coffee Congress. This is an amazing opportunity, not only to visit one of the most prestigious coffee producing nations in the world, but also to connect with some of the most interesting and influential people in world coffee. This trip is suited to anyone, from novice through to expert. There’s something in it for everyone.
This trip is designed around visiting several farms in Guatemala, guided by the Chair of the NZ Roaster Guild, Rene Macaulay, who has visited Guatemala several times and knows the region(s) well. Attendance at Re:co and the Anacafe Congress are discretionary and up to the individual to arrange.
Dates for proposed origin tour:
Re:co Guatemala 10-11 August: Celebrating new thinking in coffee – innovative ways to address our challenges, concepts that build our businesses, and fuel to push the coffee industry forward. More info here.
Anacafe National Coffee Congress 13-14 August: Running one day after Re:co with over 100 producers in attendance (tickets are included in the price of Re:co). Wednesday 12 Aug is a rest day for attendees of both events during which multiple activities will be offered (most likely ranging from touristic to full work e.g. cupping etc)
NZ Roaster Guild guided farm visits 15-19 August: 3-5 days looking at a range of farms and mills in different regions with a good variety of producers: small lot holders, co-ops, UTZ, organic, larger estates, traditional processing, some more experimental or micro lot processing etc.
Costs TBC, will include: accommodation 14-19 August, all meals, tours of all farms, and transfers. Flights to Guatemala City and insurance will be additional and up to the individual to organise.
At this stage we are asking for expressions of interest to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. If the idea of visiting Guatemala excites you and you wish to know more, please contact our Executive Director Aymon McQuade, HERE. We need a minimum number of participants in order to make this trip viable.