Roasters Guild Event, Defect Cupping.

Following up on the recent water quality event, and continuing with the theme external factors which affect flavours, the next Roasters Guild event will be focused on defects… yum
We will be cupping various common defects in coffee to learn the inherent flavour of different defects, and cupping some at different strengths to help learn the power of each defect in the cup, and how many respective defects are required to negatively impact the cup, and how these are judged and graded under SCAA cupping criteria.
Please RSVP to this event, while it is a RG event, if you have staff in your roastery /cafe which you feel would benefit from this event please RSVP with these numbers and we will supply enough cups for us all.
Bring a beverage to enjoy and wash away the defects after cupping.
Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth & Nelson
Check the event calendar for Venues & Dates