2015 AGM Minutes

2015 NZSCA Annual General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 8th July 2015
Onehunga Bowling Club, 146 Selwyn Street, Auckland
MC: Aymon McQuade
Welcomed all, basic housekeeping matters.
Board Members: Hayden Thompson, Karla Gichard, Carl Sara; Chris White; Stuart Hargie (apology); Nick Clark, Pete Davies (apology), Paddy Kennedy; Richard Corney; DT; Rene Macauley
Meeting opened by Hayden Thompson.
Apologies: Volt; Altezano; Ark, C4 Chiasso, Ebony, Essenza, Havana, Gentlemans Coffee, Pete Davies (ex underground), Red rabbit, Sherborne Packaging, Switch, Venus, Trade Aid, Weka Coffee. Stu Hargie BTCC; Chris Innes Toasted espresso, C4 Coffee, Fuel Espress, Fusion, Hawthorne,
Loroma Coffee, Ripe Coffee, Rocket, Sherborne Packaging.
NZSCA AGM attendees
CHH Foodservice Packaging Mike Harvey-fitzgerald Michael.hf@chh.com
Belo Coffee David Broderick david@belocoffee.co.nz
Mazagran Chris Boddy cgboddy@xtra.co.nz
Underground Coffee Dan Brown Dan@undergroundcoffee.co.nz
Allpress Jared Barnard, Wendy Scapens jared@allpress.co.nz, wendy@allpress.co.nz
Coffee Lab Anna McGregor anna@coffeelab.co.nz
Valente Coffee Machinery Saskia Kirkbeck info@valentemachinery.com
Framework Coffee Jessica Gordon Jessica@frameworkcoffee.co.nz
Mojo Coffee Tony Kerridge, Hanna Teramoto tony@mojocoffee.co.nz, hanna@mojocoffee.co.nz
Espresso Workshop Andrew Smart Andrew@espressoworkshop.co.nz
Vivace Espresso Jay Denton, Bernard Smith Jay@vivaceespresso.co.nz, Bernard@vivaceespresso.co.nz
Expresspak Haman Shahpari, Susan Ward Haman.shahpari@expresspak.co.nz, susan.ward@expresspak.co.nz
Convex Tracey Turner, Ratna Walmsley Tracey.t@convex.co.nz, ratna.w@convex.co.nz
Peoples Coffee Josephine Rawstorne, Liv Doogue Josephine@peoplescoffee.co.nz, liv@peoplescoffee.co.nz
Atomic Coffee Isobelle Galloway, Ryan Murray, Casey Deane, Sam Harvey, Rachael Walker ryan@atomiccoffee.co.nz, casey@atomiccoffee.co.nz, isobelle@atomiccoffee.co.nz, sam@atomiccoffee.co.nz, Rachael@atomiccoffee.co.nz
Ozone Coffee Roasters Karla Gichard, Nic Tooley karla@ozonecoffee.co.nz, nic@ozonecoffee.co.nz
Kokako Organic Coffee Mike Murphy mike@kokako.co.nz
Coffee Supreme Geoff Dawkins, Chris Dillon Geoff@coffeesupreme.co.nz, chris@coffeesupreme.co.nz
Caffe Laffare Paul Cockburn, Olly Lawrence, Daz Hansen, Mike Hay, Kerry Murray paul@laffare.co.nz, mikey@laffare,co.nz, daz@laffare.co.nz, olly@laffare.co.nz, Kerry@laffare.co.nz
La Marzocco Tom Handiside Tom.h@lamarzocco.com
John Burton Limited Alice Burton, Henrik Rykv alice@johnburton.co.nz, Henrik@johnburton.co.nz
Cafetto Clint Hendry, Chris Short Clint.hendry@cafetto.com, chris.short@cafetto.com
Excelso Coffee Jeff Evans, Bjorn Waling jeff@excelso.co.nz
AMC Roastery Supply NZ David Wood david@amcrs.com.au
Courier Post Eseta Tofilau Eseta.tofilau@courierpost.co.nz
Jacks Coffee David Burton david@jackscoffee.co.nz
Smith Coffee Drew Duff-Dobson drew@smithcoffee.co.nz
Karajoz Coffee Dan Leighton, Ron Kharbanda dan@karajoz.co.nz, Ron@karajoz.co.nz
CPR Coffee Co Mike Youmans mike@cprcoffee.co.nz
Bell Tea and Coffee Greg Pphillips Greg.phillips@btcc.co.nz
Millers Craig Miller craig@millers.co.nz
BioPak Paul Wardrop Paul@biopak.com.au
Roma Coffee | Santos Coffee Aaron Wyatt Aaron@romacoffee.co.nz
Ecoware Alex Magaraggia alex@ecoware.co.nz
New Zealand Couriers Lorna Fisher, JoAnne Hodge, Hamish Dickson, Scott Mitchell Joanne.hodge@nzcouriers.co.nz; Hamish.dickson@nzcouriers.co.nz, scott.mitchell@nzcouriers.co.nz
Detpak Stephen Taylor, Daniel Cross Stephen.taylor@detpak.co.nz, daniel.cross@detpak.com
Extraction Specialists David Thomas dwthomasnz@gmail.com
Altura Coffee Chris White chris@alturacoffee.co.nz
Acme and Co Patrick Kennedy paddy@acmecups.com
Flight Coffee Nick Clark, Richard Corney Nick@flightcoffee.co.nz, Richard@flightcoffee.co.nz
Pure Café Co Addison Dale Addison@purecafe.co.nz
NZSCA Aymon McQuade
Pomeroys Coffee & Tea Hayden Thompson hayden@pomeroys.co.nz
Crafted Coffee Carl Sara carlsara@xtra.co.nz
Coffee Love Garth Blair garth@coffeelove.co.nz
Cerebos Rob Hulse Rob.hulse@cerebos.co.nz
Caribbean Coffee Zach Widener zach@cafecaribe.co.nz
Segafredo Zanetti NZ Martin Partridge martinp@segafredo.co.nz
Agenda Item Discussion
Hayden Thompson Apologies received; all in favour; accepted.
Minutes from last AGM were circulated by email. Moved CS; seconded RC; all in favour; carried.
Executive Director report [Aymon McQuade] Aymon McQuade; attended SCAA Event and Barista Champs – Addison Dale did us proud; standard keeps lifting higher and higher; BK Kang represented NZ in Aeropress champs.
More apparent that gap between farmer and end consumer is closing. In NZ we are really on track with progress being made with our pioneering counterparts. Insight into where the SCAA is going in regards to education platform and offering.
Nick Clark and Aymon also joined US Barista Guild meeting – insightful understanding on the past, present and future – what they’ve done and how. Learnings to give us a steer in regards to how we will direct our Guild here.
Introduction Addison Dale – appointed the new Chair of the NZ Barista Guild; Nick Clark to introduce later.
Symposium – later this year 18-19 Nov in Auckland; introduce new format – Symposium with a new name (TBC), 2 day event with more speakers and more value than prior years. New format to engage with attendees and aimed at invigorating and inspiring members of our industry to think differently about businesses.
• Basic format – day 1 – key note speakers – experiences in leading and pioneering the specialty coffee industry and influence on consumers choice of coffee; exploring risk and calculated / mitigated
• Followed by debate panel – industry should keep away from trying to influence consumers taste and shaping the way they drink coffee
• Day 2 – discussing essentials of pioneering business – move from personal anecdotal to practical [social media; training; hr; building a brand] followed by panel discussion.
• Overview of speakers presenting.
Aymon acknowledged it’s a pleasure working for association; goal is to deliver more value to members as the year unfolds; excited about coming year with newly appointed members.
If you have ideas/ opinions / things that would benefit industry or the Association, please contact Aymon.
Presidents report – Hayden Thompson Year has been a year of many firsts; first time we have had an employee with Aymon as our executive director.
Having an ED to drive the association forward with support of Board is the key to keeping NZSCA as a successful and engaging industry voice. Need to increase the role to fulltime in future is inevitable.
Past year was also first time we hosted Hide (Japan) as World Barista Championship. Collaboration with Australian association helped with dates and flight costs. Also allowed us to help thinking about other guests and events to bring to our shores.
First time we’ve held all four championship events over the weekend. Some logistical challenges and people resource challenges but showed level of competitors keep getting stronger. 6 of our judges judged semis and finals at World events in Seattle.
Education firsts – first year Q-Grader course held in NZ; filled with member companies bar one, 7 days of teaching. Barista one and Two level courses – all courses also filled.
Both Guilds also put on events with highest level of attendance seen. Members and public attendance increasing.
Membership continuing to grow – now 128; up from 113. 2 lifetime 17 large 23 medium 60 small and 26 allied. Maintaining financial reserves of full year membership fees and strong financial position.
Symposium – where you’re made to think about things; great opportunity to look at what others have done and take information that strikes a chord with you. Learn from mistakes and successes. This year’s event will be a highlight of the calendar year.
Acknowledged Michael Park – thank you for commitment to photography. Emma Markland-Webster – also goes above and beyond. Thanks for what you have done
Thanked those attending the AGM and those who have given apologies; shows the support and strength of association. Thanks to the Board also.
Barista Guild Report Nick Clark – introduced Addison Dale
Chairing Guild since inception 3 years ago.
Overview of current Guild committee members.
Summary of benefits of being members of the Guild, membership fees and NZSCA complimentary memberships.
Focus is on building community and member engagement
– One of best ways is by having events as often as possible
– Latte art throwdowns happening more regularly and going well; over 60 people attended last event in Auckland
– Provincial as well as main centres
– Regional events as well as at Caffeination
– Written and hosted by Guild Committee members
Introduced and handed over to Addison.
Goals for the coming year
1. Restructuring the BG committee
2. Increase regularity and variety of events that we offer
3. Grow network and community
4. What next? – running events that inspire and add value around the country.
Finance Report Chris White presented the Treasurer’s report.
Copy to be attached to minutes.
Outsourced financial administration to Macfarlanes Assist.
Events income has increased; sponsorship slightly down due to timing; however annual sponsorship is up.
Event expenses down due to consolidation of events at Caffeination.
Funds in the bank have increased.
HT – reserve fund of full year of membership – effectively provides us 2 ½ years membership.
Part of this year’s expenses included an ED membership;
Aymon working with MacAssist in projecting budgets for next financial year.
KG moved that Financials be accepted; CS seconded. Quorum and accepted.
Events and Sponsorship Report Paddy Kennedy presented the Events Committee Report.
Symposium last year – Knock the Bastard off. Overview of speakers.
4441 events – at Caffeination. Most part it was a successful event although logistical challenge. Caffeination had same number of attendees as last year – felt less due to large space.
Would like to acknowledge supporters.
High level of understanding that attendees (general public) of the workshops had. Matt from Flight Coffee held up for at least an hour after each session with challenging questions. Fantastic part of the event.
• Latte Art championship – won by Sam Low. 10th in the Worlds.
• Aeropress NZ Brewers Cup – held in Caffeination hall. Low number of competitors however. Event that we are struggling to get traction. Aiming to host in Auckland next year; combine with Cup Tasters up here. On the hunt for a venue! Winner was Nick Rapp. 14th at the Worlds.
• Huhtamaki Cup Tasters – hosted by Mojo – thank you. Always a lively event and good turnout. Winner was Kristiane McGregor – 4th at the Worlds. Congratulations!
• Huhtamaki NZBC – biggest space and venue. Large crowd. Hide (world Barista Champ mc’d the event; and John Gordon (3x UK barista champ). Winner was Addison Dale – 19th in the Worlds.
• Overall the events were profitable. But most important metric and goal to get a world champion – really want to support our competitors to get to World Level. Bar continues to raise so a big challenge.
The next year – looking to host the NZBC and Latte art in Wellington again; but Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters in Auckland. No real benefit in holding Brewers cup in Caffeination. Bit of a challenge as some who entered Barista champs would also have been keen to enter Brewers cup if different timing.
EMW – next year looking for venue in Auckland for Brewers and Cup tasters. Day event as well as evening event. NZBC and Caffeination – in discussion at present to host over 3 days and have NZBC and Latte Art in the TSB Arena. Looking for feedback from exhibitors re a 2 day vs 3 day event.
Membership events – Members hosting great events; on the website there are now guidelines as to what sort of events the NZSCA will promote and what events the NZSCA will endorse.
Main distinction is that we will promote events if it’s not member’s core business; ie Green Bean importer hosting a cupping – will promote it. Flip side is if you’re an education provider holding a barista class – wouldn’t promote as this is core business. If it is SCAA endorsed education programme, then this is an event that we will endorse as it is the training programme that we align ourselves with.
AM – this is clearly explained on the website.
One of outstanding events – Ozone Coffee roasters hosted the NZ Aeropress Championship – not endorsed by the association but promoted by the Association. Excellent industry support. BK Kang won the event – competed in Seattle at the World Aeropress Champs.
Thanks to sponsors: Detpak Huhtamaki, Meadowfresh, Nuova Simonelli, AMC Roastery Supply, Rancilio, Acme, Mojo, Aeropress/Ozone Coffee Roasters, Cafetto, Gorilla Tampers,
AM also thanked Paddy for his commitment and efforts in running the Events Committee and also website updates.
Education Report Presented by Richard Corney
Education programme is a foundation pillar of the NZSCA.
IEPL overview. 12 certified instructors throughout NZ – level 1 or 2 certified.
Several instructors have taught outside of NZ on behalf of SCAA.
Currently some changes happening at SCAA in regards to how the IEPL (international education partnership license) is working.
Board will communicate these changes to members within 4 – 6 weeks.
Q Graders – 3 out of 8 attendees passed.
Congratulations to those how passed – Emily Zielinski (Ozone Coffee Roasters); Matt Graylee (Flight Coffee); Ali Slotemaker (Industry One Coffee). A highly intense course; but highly recommended. Sell out course is a good indication of our membership’s desire to seek education.
Current courses – awaiting confirmation from SCAA in regards to rollout of future courses.
All current specialised instructors can teach subject matter both privately and publicly
CS – undertaken a really strong education platform and partnership; haven’t got it right yet in conjunction with SCAA – keen to make it better and cheaper and more available for the whole membership.
AM – huge amount of effort gone into education – thank you Richard.
Roaster Guild Report Rene Macauley presented Roaster Guild report.
SCAA platform adopted so all formalised training under the NZSCA umbrella.
Earlier on in Roaster Guild events we found purely social events weren’t that successful. Strong direction now, with some successful events – water quality events; defect cupping events;
Calendar event list – every 6 weeks a scheduled event. Looking for member events to promote and build leadership from grass roots up.
Invitation to Baristas, as Roasters rely on Barista involvement; intentionally promote barista education and involvement to build unity
Another area is the harvest / origin trips. Sumatra last year was very successful and a great learning board. Next trip was planned for Guatemala in conjunction with SCAA Re-co event. Networkng also wth peers n America. Was looking very exciting, however due to turmoil and political upheaval in Guatemala, SCAA has shut down their events in Guatemala, so current harvest trip planned has been cancelled.
If you’re interested in harvest/origin trip, contact Rene or Aymon
Morning Tea 10.30 – 10.50 Yummy donuts
Constitution review: Board proposes a constitutional change in definition of Primary Membership to ensure the membership is for the benefit of NZ Specialty Coffee Association members, vs Cafes.
Shall be open to individuals or businesses that are directly engaged in the New Zealand specialty coffee industry. This includes, but is not limited to green bean importers and coffee roasters.
Shall be open to individuals or businesses that are directly engaged in the New Zealand specialty coffee industry This includes and is limited to New Zealand coffee roasters, New Zealand green bean importers and wholesalers of coffee roasted by a primary member company.
Board proposes the motion to make an amendment to the constitution around Primary Membership.
Seconded by: Carl Sara
In favour: 37 – quorum achieved 75% (36 votes required to achieve quorum) and motion passed.
Tony Kerridge managed voting process. Process to be one vote per paid up member company; Allied members only to vote for Allied representative. Voting only required for Allied members as others stood uncontested.
Nomination for President – Karla Gichard
Nominated by:
Seconded: Hayden Thompson
No other nominations – appointed unopposed
Nomination for Vice President – Stu Hargie
Nominated by: Hayden Thompson
Seconded: Richard Corney
No other nominations – appointed unopposed
Nomination for 2nd Vice President: Richard Corney
Nominated by: Rene Macaughly
Seconded: Sam Harvey
No other nominations – appointed unopposed
Nomination for Treasurer: Chris Innes
Nominated: Chris Innes
Seconded: Bernard Smith, Vivace
No other nominations – appointed unopposed
Four positions on the board.
Richard Corney – served one year, moved to second vice president.
Carl Sara – immediate past president term ended.
Paddy Kennedy – end of term, standing down.
Pete Davis – end of term, standing down.
Nominations: Dave Green, Caffe Laffare; Seconded by Paddy Kennedy
Carl Sara, Crafted Coffee; Seconded by Carl Sara
David Burton, Jacks Coffee; Seconded by Anna McGregor
All three appointed unopposed.
Allied representative Position for board.
Dave Thomas (DT) has served in this role for the prior year. Standing down.
Nominee: Tom Handiside
Nominated by – Tom Handiside
Seconded – Anna McGregor
Appointed unopposed.
Board is therefore:
Karla Gichard (President)
Stu Hargie (VP)
Richard Corney (2nd VP)
Chris Innes (treasurer)
Hayden Thompson (immediate past president)
Dave Green
Carl Sara
David Burton
Tom Handiside (Allied)
Rene Macauley (RG)
Addison Dale (BG)
Supermarket Sales Update Paul Cockburn presented Supermarket Sales Report
Fresh coffee 10.9% growth
Instant Coffee 1.3% growth
Flavoured Instant 6.5%
Unit sales up 5.3% annually for 200-299g packs; LY was 5.1% growth
73 Fresh coffee brands in retail
6 brands with sales >$3m
41 brands with sales <$50k
Top 10 brands make up 82% of total fresh coffee sales
#1 ranking brand has 18.7% market share (hummingbird)
15% imported; 85% NZ
Retail segmentation plunger/filter 36%
Average price $6.47 per pack (LY was $6.61) 2013 was $6.62
FT sales 29% (LY 31%, 2013 31%)
Lunch 12noon – 12.45pm – Delicious – thanks Miss Moonshines!
General Business
Women in coffee event
No further general business
NZ Couriers – prize draw. Chris White – Altura – won. 2038 beans.
Meeting closed KG asked for movement that meeting be closed.
Moved Rene Macauley
Seconded Carl Sara
KG declared meeting closed.