Roasters Guild: Brew method v's Brew method- flavour notes taste off

Have you ever been enjoying a coffee and read the flavour notes to find they are described exactly as you taste it? Kudos to the roaster and your palate!
This is a challenge many of us roasters manage daily in our role, which can be influenced by many factors.
Our precious work to find a coffees identity in roasting and represented with our prefered method and precision brewing parameters will be followed by some well, by some badly, and ignored by others.
As an industry we use cupping to evaluate coffee, but our customers never drink it brewed like that, what is the best brew method to use to describe flavours to your customers? Do you use v60 because your coffee tastes best thought it? or a plunger because most of your customers drink it like this?
Continuing the theme things which affect flavours, this next event will explore the role of various Brew Methods and filtration material in producing a variation of flavours for the same coffee.
As roasters we rely on our baristas to produce the end product and they rely on us for training and parameters to achieve the product we want, this relationship is codependent and the backbone of a successful roastery and cafe.
This event will utilise this relationship, members of the barista guild will be brewing the coffee to specific parameters in various methods, the roasters (and all attendees) will be tasting the brews blind to grade and produce flavour notes for each brew. We can then see the role different brew methods play with one coffee, and discuss the value in different approaches to this issue.
We will also compare the respective regional scores to see if there is a national consensus of prefered brew method for assessing flavours to describe to customers.
If you are interested in sharing and learning more about the process of defining flavour notes, and the aspects which can help you better convey flavours to a customer, this event is for you!
This is a combined roaster guild and barista guild event.
Stay around after, for a tasty brown beverage of a different kind! & catch up
Please rsvp to your host roastery, the more the merrier!
VOLUNTEERS If you are keen to be involved we need lots of barista guild members to do the brewing, please contact Addison or your host roastery (asap) to be a brewer on the night.
Wednesday 5th Aug 6pm
Atomic Roastery
420 New North Rd Kingsland
Please RSVP:
Cash bar no BYO
Wednesday 5th Aug 6pm
The Hangar, 119 Dixon Street
Please RVSP: Trevor
Cash bar no BYO
Wednesday 5th Aug 5:30pm
Monster Trucks Coffee/Pomeroys Coffee
16 Elms Street
Stoke, Nelson
Please RVSP: Emma
BYO Beer
Wednesday 5th Aug 6pm
Vivace Roastery & Café
474 Tuam Street
Please RVSP:
BYO Beer
Wednesday 5th Aug 6pm
Strictly Coffee HQ
137 Frederick St
event 6pm wednesday 5th aug
Please RVSP:
BYO Beer
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