Professional development, block course in sensory analysis

You asked for it… It’s back! The New Zealand School of Coffee in association with New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) will host an two day intense block of SCAA sensory analysis of coffee classes.
These classes are for coffee professional’s that choose to expand their current knowledge base. Roasters, baristas, barista trainers would all benefit from these classes.
Individual course cost $256.50 + gst per class. Block two day course 4 classes $800 + gst
Space is limited to six students. Course fee includes lunch, accommodation and additional meals are the responsibility of attendees.
Course fee: $800 + gst NZSCA member price $900 + gst non-member
Dates: Thursday 24th Sept 10:30 – 5:00pm – Friday 25th 8:30am – 4:00pm
Venue: New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke, Nelson
Instructor: Emma Markland Webster, Specialised instructor in Barista, Brewing, Sensory Analysis & Cupping
E: T: 021 415 810 for more information or to enroll
More information:
GE 154 Sensory Skills Test
The majority of this class is dedicated to the administration of the Sensory Skills Exam. This exam tests for acuity with three levels (each) of salt, sweet, and sour and the blends of these nine components.
Detect and identify three (3) of four (4) basic taste modalities.
Taste three intensities of the three taste modalities, and their intensities when mixed as a blend.
Discuss application of the taste modalities, intensities, and mixtures to coffee cupping
Prepare for further cupping education
GE 153 Aroma of Coffee: Le Nez De Cafe
This class uses the Le Nez Du Café aroma kit for coffee to examine a student’s ability to recognize and categorize common aromas found in coffee.
Recognize thirty-six (36) common aromatic scents often found in coffee’s fragrance, aroma, and nose used in the Le Nez du Café kit
List the four groups into which the scents are categorized: Enzymatic, Sugar Browning, Dry Distillation, and Aromatic Taints.

GE 353 SCAA Flavor Wheel Right Side
The SCAA Flavor Wheel is a tool designed for professional coffee cuppers that defines common industry terminology used in the sensory evaluation of coffee.  The wheel offers insight into how those characteristics develop and gives specialty coffee professionals the tools to articulate sensory experiences.  This class succinctly illuminates the development and theory behind the wheel and delves into the right half of the right wheel.  The class culminates with a hypothesizing activity concerning flavors of coffee
Explain the structure and organization of the coffee taster’s flavor wheel
Identify and organize aromas into the 9 primary categories defined by the SCAA flavor wheel
Identify and organize tastes into the 8 primary categories defined by the SCAA flavor wheel
Practice exercises designed to enhance flavor memory recall
Describe coffee accurately using terminology from the flavor wheel
GE 255 Organic Acids and the Chemistry of Coffee
Organic Acids are some of the most important flavor compounds in coffee and this class introduces participants to four of the most prevalent organic acids found in coffee.  By deepening knowledge of chemistry behind taste, coffee professionals can increase their repertoire of terms and descriptions when evaluating coffee.  This skill will assist producers, mill staff, importers, roasters and baristas focus their own quality-producing efforts by making the connection between organic acids and their role in the chain of quality.
List 4 commonly occurring organic acids in Arabica coffee and describe their flavors
Identify by taste 4 commonly occurring organic acids in coffee
Discuss the 4 main sources of acids in coffee, stating what is known and where research is needed on how coffee production can affect the taste of acids in the beans.
Discuss how identification of organic acids can affect buying, roasting, blending, marketing and other business decisions