The New Zealand Barista Guild's first Brew Battle!

The New Zealand Barista Guild’s first Brew Battle.
Using V60, Aeropress or Plunger battle it out with other brewers on the 11th of September across the country.
$2 Entry for Barista Guild members and $5 for non-members winner takes all.
General Rules – The required volume of the drink is 200ml, which has to be served in the supplied cupping cup. No added ingredients are allowed . All competitors will have a 5 minutes comp time, this does not include prep time & brew time. Failure to serve the drink in that time will mean disqualification.
Judging – There are 3 judges. There are no official scoresheets or cupping forms used by the judges. It is however important that the 3 judges used are competent coffee tasters and have a certain level of experience brewing with the soft brew methods and are aquatinted with the respective cup profile and style.
Stirring and cooling warmer brews is suggested for the judges to equalise the temperatures. Once judges have completed their evaluation, the MC will count to 3, at which point the judges will point to their favoured cup. The most votes wins. If all 3 judges chose different coffees, the MC judge will cup the coffees and have final word.
Judges should be looking for clarity of flavour via good extraction and a distinct representation of the coffee used for the competition. As a guide, judges should be assessing aroma, flavour, acidity & sweetness, body, balance and aftertaste.
Coffee – The coffee, roasted for filter, will be selected by the Barista Guild and will be the same for each competitor in their respective region
Equipment – The supplied equipment will be Aeropress, V60, Plunger (including filters where appropriate). Competitors are welcome to bring their own grinder and water boiler. Any filters, including metal filters, are allowed.
Water – Competitors are allowed to use any water they wish. Bottled water or water from another location is permitted.
Knock out battle, first in first served on entry.
Friday 11th of September
6pm Start across the country…
The Barista Acadamey, 113 Wellesley St West
Main Contact: Hannah
Weltec, Cuba St
Main contact: Alex Hewitt
Crafted Coffee, 121 Blenheim Rd
Main contact: Alex Casserley