Thanks to all our Championship sponsors!

We’re very happy to announce all of our championship sponsors for 2016
We thank all our sponsors for their support without which we simply could not run our Championships. Please show your appreciation of their contribution by viewing them below.
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Huhtamaki NZ Barista Championship

The event leads to the World Barista Championship which is the world’s premier coffee competition. The Championship is now being held at the Mac’s function centre, Wellington Waterfront 26th-27th February due to the cancelation of Caffeination Festival of Coffee.
Huhtamaki New Zealand Barista Championship 2016 is kindly sponsored by:
Huhtamaki Henderson takes pride in the fact that not only are we the only NZ manufacturer of paper hot cups we also source our raw materials from sustainable sources and are PEFC certified. By supporting NZ made you are also supporting NZ manufacturing and helping to employ over 300 people. Our aim is to ensure not only do we produce superior products that meets the needs of today’s market but we do this in an ethically and socially responsible way

Meadow Fresh

Enjoy the fresh taste and quality of Meadow Fresh milk, the official milk of the Championship. Produced and distributed by Goodman Fielder, we are passionate about delivering value to our customers and producing products loved by Kiwi’s.

Victoria Arduino espresso machines via Espresso Mechanics & Atomic Coffee Roasters
A388 Black Eagle Gravitech is the espresso machine for all those who dedicate their lives to coffee; who study, research and experiment every day to transfer a real coffee experience to the cup. This is the espresso machine for specialty the barista.
AMC Roastery Supply NZ
AMCRS are very pleased to again be supporting the NZSCA’s events throughout 2016. We will be supplying WBC-winning Mahlkonig grinders for the Huhtamaki NZ Barista Championship, and will be supplying Ditting and Mahlkoenig grinders for the NZ Cup Tasters and NZ Brewers Cup Championship. Apart from grinders, we also stock and sell a range of coffee roasting, packing, brewing and serving equipment. As our motto says: “Everything for a great cup of coffee…except the beans!” Check out our website: or give us a call: 0800 338 505
Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. The Cafetto range includes certified organic cleaners, descaling and cleaning tablets, milk line cleaners and grinder cleaners.
The product range is tailored to suit many systems including bean-to-cup fully automatic espresso machines, traditional semi-automatic espresso machines, home and office espresso machines, pour-over filter coffee machines and liquid coffee extract machines.
Pullman Tampers in conjunction with Atomic Coffee Roasters
Pullman Espresso Accessories is proudly an all Australian Made Certified Company, with its manufacturing base located in Adelaide, South Australia. Every Pullman product is made from the highest quality steel, leather and aluminium to ensure it lasts forever. Each tamper is the work of a craftsperson with utmost care, individually measured, weighed and uniquely stamped. Proudly supporting the Barista craft from the ground up, we polish and package your goods by hand so you know you are getting a the best we can offer, a tool that is “easy on the eye, magic in the hand.”
And a special thanks to our official NZSCA 2016 ceramic championship sponsors
Acme & Co
Acme & Co is a Wellington based specialty cup company.
Acme & Co makes the coffee experience easier and more elegant for all those involved – from roaster, cafe to consumer. Acme & Co designs cups to suit busy hospitality environments which they rigorously test at their own 180-seater flagship cafe, Prefab.
Acme & Co is well known for their extensive range of colours, impressive durability and unique features which make the cups easier to hold and to use repeatedly.
Acme & Co is thrilled to support the competitors and to assist them in improving their craft.
Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship
The winner will represent New Zealand at the World event, flights and accommodation are covered.
The World Latte Art Championship will be taking place in Shanghai, China from March 29th -April 1st in conjunction with Hotelex & Fine Foods Expo
Many thanks to our sponsors:
Meadow Fresh, Cafetto, AMC Roastery Supply NZ, Pullman Tampers via Atomic Coffee Roasters, Ebony Coffee
Official ceramic cup sponsor of the championship ACME & CO. Official cup sizes: All latte ACME 190ml Cappuccino, Machiato, ACME 70ml Demitasse
Astoria espresso machines via IncaFé
For the second year in a row Astoria is the official sponsor in the finals for the World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirit Championship, adding to this we are very proud to be, for the first time, sponsoring the New Zealand Latte Art Championships for 2016.
Both competitions will feature the Astoria Plus4Champions as the official machine. This is the competitive version of the headlining Astoria Plus4You TS model, which boasts a series of features specifically developed to support the champions who will challenge each other in making latte art and coffee drinks.
Export Manager Flavio Urizzi will be flying in from Astoria in Italy, supported by UK Sales manager Jason Jones along with support from our New Zealand reps, so make sure you stop by and talk to us about these top of the line machines. Made specifically for the Championships they will also be available for sale once the comps are over, giving you the opportunity to have a world beating espresso machine sitting pride of place in your cafe.
Ebony Coffee
2016 is a celebration for us at Ebony Coffee. 20 years of roasting in the Manawatu. We have been thrilled to grow our business and coffee knowledge with the small team who have been roasting, dealing direct with an estate grower or green bean suppliers, training and machinery in specialty coffee for years. It is a pleasure to support and put back into a very vibrant NZ coffee industry even though we are that small team. This is the second year we’ve sponsored the Meadowfresh Latte Art comps and this year is more poignant for us to sponsor as we have in our team, Andrew Feldon, a former competitor and finalist in these events. We wish all competitors all the very best… we understand the courage it takes to push yourselves in our field, in front of your peers and industry professionals.
NZ Brewers Cup
World Brewers Cup is being held in Dublin, Ireland from June 21-25th in conjunction with the SCAE World of Coffee Show
Thank you to our sponsors AMC Roastery Supply NZ Cafetto and Marco, plus our host and compulsory coffee supplier John Burton Ltd.
And a special thanks to our official NZSCA 2016 ceramic championship sponsors ACME & CO.
NZ Cup Tasters
The NZ Cup Tasters Championship awards the professional coffee cupper who demonstrates speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences in specialty coffees.
The Championship is held in strict accordance with the World event’s Rules and Regulations. The World Cup Taster’s Championship will be taking place in Shanghai, China from March 29th -April 1st in conjunction with Hotelex & Fine Foods Expo.
Thank you to our sponsors: Marco, John Burton Ltd, Cafetto, AMC Roastery Supply NZ and venue host John Burton.
And a special thanks to our official NZSCA 2016 ceramic championship sponsors ACME & CO.
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