2016 New Zealand Brewers Cup – Our new champ Ria Lingad

What a weekend! We are very proud to announce that on Saturday 12 March we crowned a new NZ Brewers Cup Champion, Ria Lingad of Cerebos Gregg’s. Runner up was BK Kang, Red Rabbit Coffee, third place was Diane Wang, independent. Our top three walked away with some beautiful trophies and have secured their spot at the World Championships
This years competition was our most successful yet, both on terms of the number of competitors, spectators in support and certainly the level of competition. The amount of careful consideration, research, trialling and practice which went into each presentation was truly remarkable. Huge volumes of information was given by competitors to the judges in the open round, explaining every things from the origin of the coffee, process, soil types, roast levels, vessel types, brew methods, and a heavy focus on the water used including the exacting science surrounding its chemical makeup and the profound effects on the coffee being presented. On occasion, the stage round looked more like a science project rather than a coffee competition, all in an effort to present the best possible brew. Of course, spectators were able to sample all the coffees being presented as our hard working volunteers batch brewed furiously out the back. There were some stunning coffees to be had and the crowd was certainly delighting on being able to sample them. Ria’s coffee was from Finca Nuguo, Panama and you can see more details via the link below.
Our Champ also walked aways with a Vario home grinder thanks to AMC Roastery Supply NZ, and the top three received $500 worth of Hario brew gear gifted by the NZSCA.
A huge thanks to our sponsor and venue host John Burton Ltd who’s team not only provided us with a superb space, but worked tirelessly helping set every thing up and then breaking it down afterwards. Big shout outs and thanks to our other event partners and sponsors AMC Roastery Supply NZ, Cafetto, Marco, and ACME&Co.
We wish Ria all the very best as she goes forward as an ambassador of NZ specialty coffee to Dublin 23-25 June, vying for the crown of World Brewers Cup Champion!
Ria has kindly shared all the detail of her preparation for the champs, here.
Images thanks to Nick Kean, further images here.
NZSCA Brewers Cup-6379
NZSCA Brewers Cup-6273NZSCA Brewers Cup-6364
NZSCA Brewers Cup-6105
NZSCA Brewers Cup-6499
NZSCA Brewers Cup-6681