Grinder Vs Grinder / TDS Vs Flavour

Following on from the TDS intro event earlier in the year, we wanted to have a practical Research and Development event with a focus on different grinders and their effects on TDS and flavour.
This is the first event since we have merged the guilds together, so we thought it was fitting that we created a learning platform for your QC team, so roasters and baristas could work and learn together!!
There have been many developments in grinders in recent years, We will be assessing 3 common industry grinders discussing their design and practical application for espresso, and weighing this against their performance in flavour and extraction percentage.
Hopefully using this information, you will be able to better assess which one of these grinders offers most value to you.
This is a tasting event to show how different grinders can effect flavour and how the extraction of the coffee can be effected by the grinder, hands on TDS testing will also be a focus giving you a chance to put some of the information from the last event into practise.
We will also discuss how these grinder variables relates flavour to extraction %, and go over some TDS tips for practical use in a busy work enviroment.
We will tally up the grinder preferences and TDS scores nation wide to see how they stack up flavour wise with the 3 centres assessing the same coffee.
Event will be the week of 11th July, Check below for your local date.
Numbers will be limited
RSVP/Tickets a must
Guild member $5, non member $25
Not sure if you’re a member? Check out the Roaster Guild and Barista Guild members pages.
Not a member but want to be? You may be entitled to membership courtesy of the free membership allocations offered to NZSCA member companies. Contact Jessica.
Thursday 14th July. 6pm
C4 Cofee
278 Tuam St
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Thursday 14th July. 6pm
Peoples Coffee – Cafe
12 Constable St, Newtown
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Wednesday 13th July. 6:30pm
Toasted Espresso
Wairau Park H/4 Link Drive
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