Finally a 'New Zealand' World Champion!

Dublin played host to ‘The World of Coffee’ on the 23rd-25th June. The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s annual show. Within this event was the World Barista Championship & also running at the same time on another stage within the event was the World Brewers Cup. Both of our NZ’s Champions were in attendance and represented proudly. Features on their experiences coming soon.
Around these events were many parties and sub events including the World AeroPress Championship & the World Coffee Throwing Championship.
The World Coffee Throwing Championship….. I hear you say what is this? Well it is exactly that! You throw coffee. A piss take fun event, the brainchild of Colin Harmon & Steve Leighton.
All proceeds from the competitor registration were donated to Grounds for Health, a charity that works to provide medical care to women in coffee growing areas. A bucket for donations was also brimming on the night.
The 2016 World Coffee Throwing Championships was held in the yard of the Bernard Shaw on Friday, June 24th, on a very wet afternoon/evening in summer time Dublin. The legendary Bernard Shaw–tasty ‘choons, great people, delicious beer, and the title of 2016 World Coffee Throwing Champion in your weight class–what could be better?
Deets on the actual coffee throwing rules as below: Just so your clear….
Judge bribery was very much a thing and planning and preparation paid off. Dressing for success also assisted in your overall score, however what is seen.. cannot be unseen!..
Scoring was, shall we say random, with Emma Markland Webster taking out the Welterweight devision with ‘all of the points’. Mind you there was a certain level of determination from this former barista champion to take this out for New Zealand. With practice with personal trainers and research on kg bags that would not burst, just a small aspects of her training. Emma took as judge’s bribery ‘Gods gift to New Zealand’ for the judges in the form of pineapple lumps and her interpretation of water was ‘Mexican fire water’ though she regretted this later as she should have gone for the more traditional ‘For the Mother Russia’ (Vodka)
World Coffee Throwing Championships- the rules… or round about rules!
1. Contestants have to throw a bag of roasted coffee, of gross weight no less than 1kg, the furthest distance without the aid of throwing devices and without the bag bursting
2. If your bag bursts and spills a bean, or part thereof, you are disqualified.
3. The final resting place of the furthermost part of the bag is considered to be the distance reached.
4. Competitors will indicate their weight class prior to competition; prizes will be awarded to the furthest bag thrown in each class. The classes are as follows:
a. Flyweight: 80 lbs – 135 lbs
b. Featherweight: 135 lbs – 185 lbs
c. Welterweight: 185 + lbs
5. Scoring is decided as such:
a. 1m = 1 point, 1cm= 0.01point (therefore 21.34 metres = 21.34 points)
b. 10 points for bringing a napkin
c. 10 points for pouring water into a glass before throwing
d. 10 points for “overall impression and synergy”
6. Contestants are expected to provide their own music, which may or may not be played during competition time.
7. The “Random Disqualification Klaxon” will disqualify the incumbent thrower for no particular reason at a random time in the competition.
8. Contestants are encouraged to pick the variety, roast, process and flavour profile of their chosen coffee in accordance with their throwing technique and will be asked to explain their coffee choice and throwing technique to the judge(s) before completing their throw (maximum of five minutes allowed per competitor).
9. The bag can be vac-packed, valved, sealed, or any other method as long as said method is of a commercial nature.
Full effect
Sadly after the event there was a bit of a negative fallout on the waste created in this championship. With Colin stating that it will be the first & last. See Sprudge article here> I think theres life left in this fun event, with the use of used coffee grounds, no one could complain about that….. or could they?