Havana Coffee Works… Read all about it!

Congratulations Geoff and the Havana team, it’s finally due to hit the shelves! Geoff has been working on his book for a while.
Member company Havana Coffee Works is a Wellington based New Zealand institution ‘one of a kind’ in so many ways. In the last twenty seven years, Geoff Marsland built a business, a brand and several ways of life around late-night coffee houses, importing Cuban coffee, setting up plantations in the Pacific and bringing Coffee U Feel to the people.
The Havana Coffee Works Story is a biography of a home-grown business, from its beginnings in Cuba Street, Wellington to its current coffee empire status. A visual symphony of cars, cigars, cafes and coffee roasters. It is also a social history of Cuba Street and Wellington over the last three decades, with larger-than-life personalities, guts, determination and turf wars.
For those that know Geoff, this book is sure to give you a laugh or two and will be available through all good booksellers nationwide. He’s a bit concerned though that he’s given too many secrets away…