Meet our Meadow Fresh Latte Art Sponsors & Venue Host!

Please take a moment to get acquainted with the Meadow Fresh New Zealand Latte Art sponsors whose bold and generous support make the event possible.
MF Green Line
Official Milk Sponsor
At Meadow Fresh we love coffee. Our milk is used to make over 80 million coffees a year so we have felt a strong responsibility to support New Zealand’s coffee industry. We have proudly sponsored the New Zealand Latte Art Champs since its inception, and are excited to this year come on board as naming rights sponsor of the New Zealand Barista Champs as well.
And because we love coffee so much, we are really excited that our new Meadow Fresh No Added Permeate milk is less processed, making milk steaming a dream and resulting in a seriously good cup of coffee!
We wish all competitors the best of luck, and look forward to seeing you at the champs.
Julia, Kate, Brian, and the Meadow Fresh Team
Official Machine Sponsor
Established in 1904, Victoria Arduino is a company not just rich in history, they are an organisation with an uncompromising passion to improving the quality of espresso through their products.
In 2013, Espresso Mechanics jumped at the opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most recognised and progressive espresso machine manufacturers and the chance to distribute their products into the NZ market.
Sam, Mike and our respective teams are truly excited about sponsoring this years Latte Art Championship and can’t wait to combine our “World Class” machinery with NZ’s best talent.
Mike & the team at Espresso Mechanics
Official Coffee Sponsor
Orb was born from the masterminds of New Zealand’s coffee experts – master roasters, technical experts and passionate coffee enthusiasts. We weren’t conjured up from the tight-jeaned, bearded, creative hipsters looking for a new business idea. We were created by those who were obsessive about the science behind the craft. The obsession of the perfect brew. Maybe that’s why we’ve won the Supreme Award. Twice.
We’re proud to support The New Zealand Latte Art Championships and Coffee industry that we get such a kick out of.
Hilary, Scott & the Orb team
Official Grinder Sponsor
“Everything for a great cup of coffee…except the beans!”
By now you will hopefully know AMC Roastery Supply as the place to get your Mahlkoenig, Ditting and Anfim grinders, thanks to our long-standing sponsorship of the New Zealand Coffee Championships. But did you know that our parent company is a third generation family-owned business that was first registered in 1950 by Alec Clubb, a canny ex-pat Scot who began importing coffee equipment in the 1960’s?
And did you also know that AMC Roastery Supply is the place to go for Diedrich coffee roasters, Actionpac packaging scales, and Fetco filter brewers? In each of the different equipment segments we supply, we have set about securing what we believe to be the best performing equipment brands in each of those segments. We try to sell solutions, not headaches.
So, if you need to “Roast It, Pack It, Grind It, or Brew It” you should give Emma, Dave or Greg a call. Go on, you know you want to!
Official Cleaning Supplies Sponsor
At Cafetto, our desire is to be an integral part of the world coffee industry, supporting and encouraging all those involved in the growth of the industry and developing innovative new products to enhance the coffee experience.
Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment.
Cafetto prides itself on innovative and thoughtful solutions always keeping abreast of customers’ needs to ensure a clean machine every time.
So get the best from your equipment, keep it Cafetto Clean.
Chris, Stacey & the team at Cafetto
Official Porcelain Sponsor
Acme & Co is a Wellington-based specialty coffee cup company growing internationally thanks to early adoption by the New Zealand coffee industry.
Founded in 2011 by Jeff Kennedy and Bridget Dunn, Acme & Co aims to make the coffee experience easier and more elegant for all those involved. For those who brew and serve to those who receive and consume.
Sponsoring each and every one of the coffee competitions on the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association’s calendar provides us with insights into the various ways coffee is brewed and enjoyed.
It’s also our way of saying thanks for your support.
For the Latte Art Championship Acme & Co will be providing the official cups for use throughout the championship, with the official cup size being for all drinks; ACME 190ml Cappuccino.
Love from Jeff, Bridget, Jess, Paddy and Acme
Cerebos logo
Venue Host
Founded in 1861, Cerebos Gregg’s is one of the original coffee houses and pioneers of coffee in New Zealand. We’re fuelled by people passionate about coffee from our Master Roaster, Scott Pepler, and the trainers and technicians out in the field. We have a team with unparalleled experience and knowledge that exceeds expectations. We’re passionate in all things coffee – from instant to fresh, speciality to fairtrade. Enough said. So come and find out more about us and meet the team in our state of the art coffee studio and offices in Newmarket.
We’re proud to support the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association’s and 2017 New Zealand Latte Art Championships.

Event Partner
Pullman Tampers in conjunction with Atomic Coffee Roasters
Pullman Espresso Accessories is proudly an all Australian Made Certified Company, with its manufacturing base located in Adelaide, South Australia. Every Pullman product is made from the highest quality steel, leather and aluminium to ensure it lasts forever. Each tamper is the work of a craftsperson with utmost care, individually measured, weighed and uniquely stamped. Proudly supporting the Barista craft from the ground up, we polish and package your goods by hand so you know you are getting a the best we can offer, a tool that is “easy on the eye, magic in the hand.”
Proudly partnering in the Meadow Fresh Latte Art Championship & Meadow Fresh Barista Championship.
Sam, Mark and the teams at Atomic Coffee Roasters & Pullman Espresso Accessories.
More details on what is this event all about? & entry for competitors Here>
Free public entry for spectators, come on down & join us for a tasty brown in this fast paced fun championship.