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Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship:
The NZ Latte Art Championship leads to the World Latte Art Championship
The NZ Latte Art Champion prize pack will include flights, accommodation at the World Latte Art Championship.
The NZ Latte Art Championship will be held in strict accordance to the World Latte Art Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct and other rules pertaining to the event.
Event Overview:
The Latte Art Championship highlights artistic expression in a competition platform that challenges the barista in an on-demand performance.
The NZ Championship comprises two separate rounds: a preliminary round and a final round.
During the preliminary round there are two components: one in the bar area where a single creative pattern is produced and photographed (10) minutes, and the other on stage (8) minutes, where two identical free-pour lattes and two identical designer lattes are produced.
The photographs will be judged by a panel of a minimum of 4 judges: 3 certified NZLAC judges and 1 judge who may be chosen for their artistic expertise (chef, artist, designer etc.), who may not have coffee expertise.
The highest-scoring six competitors will compete in the final round entirely on stage (10) minutes.In final of this championship the baristas present two identical samples of ‘art in a cup’ for 3 different beverages: two separate sets of matching free pour lattes and one set of matching designer pattern lattes (which may incorporate etching, or similar techniques, and surface decoration).
The two first pairs made only with a pitcher of milk. The designer latte can be made with any surface aid at the choice of the barista. To ensure that the presented art is what the barista intended to deliver, the judges will be given a picture (photo) of the intended design prior to the start of the presentation. Artistic impressions if the design are allowed alongside the image (photo) but the photo shall be the piont of reference to the judges scoring.
The beverages will be judged immediately for visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in the patterns, and the baristas overall performance.
Event Overview Structure:
This competition takes place over a day and consists of a preliminary round and a finals round. Each competitor competes in the preliminary round, and then the top 6 will compete again in a finals round to determine the winner with the highest score, who becomes the NZ Latte Art Champion. (Please note that this is only a summary description of the event and that detailed structure and rules for this competition are set forth in and controlled by the Official Rules and Regulations.)
The competition will be held in strict accordance with the World Latte Art Rules and Regulations and scoring, visit
View the NZ Rules & Regs and competitior Terms & Conditions>
The winner will represent New Zealand at the World event, flights and accomodation are covered.
The World Latte Art Championship will be taking place in Budapest, Hungary 13th – 15th June in conjunction with the ‘World of Coffee Event’
Many thanks to our sponsors:
Meadow Fresh, Cafetto AMC Roastery Supply NZ, Orb Coffee , Victoria Arduino espresso machines via Espresso Mechanics & Atomic Coffee Roasters
Offical ceramic cup sponsor of the championship ACME & CO. offical cup sizes: All latte ACME 190ml Cappuccino
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Competitors registered to date:
Leo Li, Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
Oliver Pataray, Epiphany NZ Limited, Hamilton
Michael Boyd, Coffee Lab and Jays Cafe, Blenheim
Hoony Chae, Mojo Coffee, Auckland
Isabella Brown, The Block Cafe, Auckland
Shine Kim, Scout, Auckland
Issac Yu, Champ Canteen, Auckland
John (HoJun) Sung, CallumBrae, Hamilton
Running order:
Stage Round
10:00am Michael Boyd/Isabella Brown
10:18am Oliver Pataray/Leo Li
10:36am Jordan Hales/Ken Te
10:54am Hoony Chae/Shine Kim
11:12am John (HoJun) Sung/Isaac Yu
Art Bar
9:50am Isaac Yu
10:05am John (HoJun) Sung
10:20am Shine Kim
10:35am Hoony Chae
10:50am Michael Boyd
11:05am Isabella Brown
11:20am Oliver Pataray
11:35am Leo Li
11:50am Jordan Hales
12:05pm Ken Te
Announcement of the top 6 finalists 12:30pm
Finals Commence at 1pm