Stand for a Board position today… And have your say.

It’s that time of year again. If you think you have something to offer, or would like to help make a difference in the NZ Specialty Coffee industry, then we’d love you to stand for a Board position.
Being on the Board can be very rewarding, and you’ll be meeting with people that share our vision to advance the Specialty Coffee industry in NZ, engaging with all stakeholders, providing professional development opportunities and increasing public awareness.
The Board Positions:
The Board consists of up to 10 members plus the immediate past president, and includes four officers. General board member (officer) seats are a 2 year term, and this year we’ll have 2 vacant board seats.
The tenure of President, Vice-Pres, Secretary (2nd Vice President) and Treasurer are one year terms, as is the Allied member seat, so we’re calling for nominations for these roles too. The current members may also be offering themselves for re-election. Please note, nominations for President shall only be accepted from members who have served at least one year on the Board (either currently or in the past).
Nominations are open to all members. If you’d like your nomination and a short bio circulated to all members before the AGM, please submit to David Burton. All nominations will be posted up on the website.
Members may be nominated, or nominate themselves, right up to the point of election.
If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Board member, please contact President, Karla Gichard  or 027 449 0253.
Please send nominations to


Standing for a Board position (Allied)
Rachel Berry – The Barista Academy

With a 20 year career spanning across the entire hospitality industry I am the proud co-owner and business development manager for The Barista Academy.
“As industry aligned educators we are in a unique position to celebrate and champion all the amazing individuals and wide variety of businesses that make up the NZ coffee industry.”
What keeps me out of trouble…
As well as being a personal taxi driver and cook for 2 teenagers, I love being part of projects that support success for both people and businesses. I created the Free Barista Academy Job Board to connect talented staff with employers and I help new business owners find their feet through mentoring, workshops and my Cafe Start-Up School program.
Why join the board…
With coffee booming in underdeveloped countries it’s an exciting time in the world of coffee. Like the wine and dairy industry NZ coffee businesses are uniquely positioned as highly regarded industry leaders. It would be a pleasure to join the board and help the NZSCA solve your business challenges and support your growth plans.

Standing for President
Jessica Godfrey – Acme & Co

Jessica Godfrey (Jess) has a BA in linguistics, a law degree and is a qualified barrister and solicitor. Ironically however it was her part time work at cafes while studying that proved to be the catalyst for her professional journey.
Jess has embraced many roles in the coffee industry – barista, barista trainer, championship judging, sales rep, book author, event manager, marketing manager and her current role as General Manager at Acme & Co.
Jess is eligible for the President position because of her former tenure as the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) board member in charge of events. Jess oversaw the transition of the New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association into the NZSCA and the formation of the Guilds in 2011. She wrote the NZSCA constitution.

Standing for a Board position
Ed Tanner – The Sailors Son
I have been making coffee since I was fresh out of high school and have never thought of doing anything else. As a person/barista/roaster/business owner I always strive to be and make the best I can, but to do that I like to sit quietly on the outside and look in, learn from others, successes a mistakes.
I spent most of my early days making coffee in Christchurch and going with the flow, eventually learning to roast and getting into some techinical and training roles.
After our house fell down in the quakes we thought It was time to make the big move to Melbourne, where I was a barista, then roaster for Padre. This is the time that really sparked my enthusiasm, sampling as much of the Melbourne coffee scene as possible. After nearly 2 years we moved again, north to Wollongong where it was essentially a working holiday by the beach, but just a short drive to Sydney, once again totally immersing myself in as much of the Sydney scene as I could.
Fast forward 4 years and I am back in Christchurch, raising a family and slowly building, what I hope to be, a sustainable small coffee business focused on quality not quantity.
Ed’s keen to represent the smaller roaster members within the association.

Standing for a Board position
Ryan Mitchell – Cerebos Gregg’s

I have been involved in hospitality m from the age of 8 with my parents owning Motels in Nelson, taking bookings, delivering papers, continental breakfasts & making the odd guest bacon and eggs & Whitebait during the season.
Post University I continued my passion for Hospitality working for Lion, Bacardi Lion, Schweppes & Cerebos Gregg’s across Australia and New Zealand in Sales, Operations, Coaching & Development. My current position being Head of Foodservice NZ for Cerebos Gregg’s.
I’ve had the pleasure over the past 2 1/2 years of working alongside Scott Peppler, spent early mornings & late evenings following Ria’s journey to Ireland and had the opportunity to meet and speak with James Hoffman and Colin Harman around the future of coffee. It’s fair to say this has ignited a spark for me in the world of coffee.
Its exciting to see what has been achieved in the past and be a part of shaping the future of Specialty Coffee in NZ.