Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Champion 2017

The 3rd competition of the season was the Meadow Fresh Latte Art Championships which was held on Saturday at Cerebos Gregg’s headquarters in Auckland.

For those of you that haven’t been there before Cerebos Gregg’s space is an amazing venue with almost 180º stadium style bench seating looking down on to the competition stage, it’s an ideal space to hold intimate and fun events like this.

Daisy the Meadow Fresh cow even made her yearly appearance and enjoyed a birds eye view of the stage and out the window! The lovely folks from Orb Coffee spent the day up the back on a machine making coffee for anyone that needed it, which was greatly appreciated!

Daisy watching over the Stage & Leo Li pouring his winning designs into the new Acme & Co Evolution Cups

The Latte Art competition consists of two rounds, the first round being the art bar section where each contestant has 10 minutes to pour a pattern of their choosing and present it to the photographer, the photographer (The lovely David Worth of AMC Roastery Supply Fame) then takes a picture and this image is presented to a judging panel to be judged. The second round is the on stage section were competitors go head to head and have 8 minutes to pour 4 drinks and present them to the judges in stage, in this round the competitors have to replicate a pre chosen design as closely as possible as well as present to the judges, they are also judged on their hospitality skills in this round.

The top 6 – Shine Kim, Isaac Yu, Leo Li, Michael Boyd, Isabella Brown and Hoony Chae then went on to competed individually on stage re pouring their chosen 3 drinks and wowing the judges with their charm!

Leo Li from Atomic Coffee roasters and a seasoned Latte Art competitor managed to take out the title of Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Champion for 2017 on the day, followed up by Isaac Yu and in 3rd place Hoony Chae. We wish Leo Li all the best for the World Championships which are in a little over 2 months in Budapest!

To all that competed, thank you and congratulations!

L-R 2nd place, Issac Yu – Winner, Leo Li – 3rd place, Hoony Chae