Our new Communications & Administration Coordinator

The NZSCA board is very pleased to announce that Emma McDougall is our new Communications & Administration Coordinator.
Emma was a standout applicant.
Emma has owned and managed cafes. Has a degree in hospitality management. Has Level 2 Barista Guild Certification. She was in charge of the Fly Buys / Loyalty New Zealand internal e-newsletter.
Emma is warm, personable and not afraid to pick up the phone. We are very excited to have her on board.
Jessica Godfrey, President NZSCA

Here are a few words from Emma McDougall herself…
Escaping the Wairarapa for the Hutt Valley last century, I gained a Bachelor of Hospitality Management so that I could escape to Sydney (and pay off my student loan). A barista training at the Vittoria Coffee Factory ignited my coffee passions.
Dublin called and I competed in the Irish Barista Competitions of 2004 with an amazing signature drink called a Mochanut. The beverage, served in a hollowed out coconut with a plastic monkey in a tree attached to the straw, unfortunately did not contain six points worth of synergy. Other reasons why I did not win was because I put chocolate on the cappuccinos and someone called Stephen Morrissey competed.
After returning to New Zealand, my new dream was to attend a World Barista Championship (WBC), this time as a spectator. In 2010, London called and my second OE began. I was also lucky enough to attend the 2013 WBC in Melbourne and would love to return one day.
I have worked at all the big ones: Ripe, CoffeeLab, Kaffeine London, Cerebos and GoBang, always in interesting and variable roles.
I am super excited to be working with the NZSCA as it unites the industry and allows me to work with previous colleagues, my heroes, and an even wider community of passionate amazing people, some of whom I am yet to meet.
I believe this is an incredible opportunity to give back to an industry that has allowed me to travel, drink delicious beverages and meet other interesting folk.
My next dream is to take my children to the coffee theme park in Colombia.