NZSCG – Blind Cupping is Back with Washed Ethiopian Coffees!

We are looking for event hosts and coffee providers across the country for the NZSCG Blind Cupping 2018.
In this event participants will be cupping washed Ethiopian coffees from twelve New Zealand Roasters.
All events to be during the week of June 11th-17th 2018.
Event Hosts will be asked to supply the following:
A suitable venue for 15+ participants. For every 10 participants, an additional set of cups is recommended.
Staff for the event. We recommend at least two.
Cupping bowls, spoons, writing utensils, boiling water and other associated equipment to cater to all participants.
Local promotion of your event.
NZSCG will supply:
Coffee for the event ~100g of each coffee in a numbered bag.
Sealed envelope with the list of coffee roasters.
Cupping sheets with coffee flavour wheel and note-taking section.
Ticketing via Eventbrite and lists of paid participants and list of current guild members.
Online promotion of your event.
Pricing for the events will be set at $10 for Guild Members and $20 for non-Guild Members.
All proceeds from the event will be kept by the NZSCG to cover associated costs for the events.
Coffee Roasters will be asked to supply the following:
1.5kg of single origin washed Ethiopian coffee roasted for cupping and filter brewing.
High-quality logo to be used on posters.
The NZSCG will provide:
Promotion of the Member’s involvement in the event.
Ensure that each coffee is treated fairly and without bias to be sampled by event attendees.
Roasting Details:
Coffee should be roasted to the World Brewers Cup standards:
Medium to medium-light roasted fully-washed specialty-grade coffee (Agtron 60 to 80 Ground on ‘gourmet scale’), roasted without major roasting defects, such as baked or burnt.
Coffee is to be roasted between the May 30th and 6th of June 2018 and delivered by courier no later than the 8th of June 2018.
Email your interest to in submitting a coffee or hosting or both by Monday 14 of May.
Coffee submissions will only be accepted from NZSCA Members Companies. If more than 12 members wish to submit their coffee to the cupping, coffees will be selected on a first in first served basis.