Guild Member Profile – Nick Sepie

Our latest Guild member Nick has landed in Christchurch after being away in London.  He is currently job hunting! We ask Nick the important coffee questions…
What is your earliest coffee related experience?
My parents owned cafes so it was very young. I first got on a machine (closely watched) when I was probably about seven or eight, I can remember hating the smell buy enjoying the process. By the time I was 12 or so I loved the smell and could make a few drinks.
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Stuntman! I remember taking a ‘what will you be when you grow’ up quiz and that was one of the options for my answers.
When did you first get working in coffee?
After school job at about 15 as the late arvo barista and cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.
What led you to become a barista/role you’re in now?
When I landed in London I got a job with a small coffee company. Unknown to me they wanted to expand rapidly (and did). They were looking for people to move into development roles and I put my hand up.
What is the best part of your job?
Meeting so many new people and building relationships. There is also a lot of opportunities to upskill which I really enjoy.
Talk us through a typical work day
The nice thing about the job is that there is no typical day. I’m either travelling around touching base with shops. Making sure all is ok and handling any small maintenance issues they may have.
Training new starters or upskilling existing staff.
Going into new sites (builds), snagging the build, making sure everything (coffee) is running smoothly. Training onsite and helping the manager set up.
With now over 20 cafes my days are consistently different which I enjoy.
What is your favourite brew method and/or coffee origin and why?
Origin would have to be Rwanda because it was my first exposure to coffee that tasted different. (Piccolo that tasted like green apples)
Brew method would be Aeropress because you can do it so easily and pretty much anywhere with good results.
Tulip or Rosetta or swan? 
What are your interests outside of coffee?
Photography and videography are big ones I really love travelling also.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
That changes daily! Either in my own place, a small spot serving coffee and snacks or, with an established company expanding into roasting, green buying etc
How do you see the coffee industry changing in the future?
I think it would be automation. There will still be a craft there but involving more high tech machinery.
What would be your dream ‘coffee experience’?
Would have to be going to origin. Africa or South America would be the dream.
Do you have a ‘coffee crush’? 
Nope, haven’t been in the country long enough.
To get in touch with Nick, please email