Pre-Q Arabica Course, ONE place still available!

The Pre Q is a three-day course for professional cuppers and coffee lovers, who would like to get familiar with the Q-Grading system. This pre-Q course does not involve any of the testing, but has all the same content and learning. ‘A great intro into what the Q certification is all about’
The students will learn to set up and conduct cuppings of green and roasted coffee to evaluate and score the samples based on the SCA protocol. The course covers green grading, sensory and olfactory skills training, and protocols for cup profile evaluation.
Please state your interest as soon as possible to our lab host, Emma Markland Webster,  minimum and maximum numbers apply.
Note: This course is being held in a SCA Certified Lab
When:  Three days, Tuesday 15 – 17 January 2019
Where: New Zealand School of Coffee, The Coffee Factory, 16 Elms street, Stoke, Nelson
Cost: $1,750.00 + GST  payable on booking
Instructor: Stuart Hargie
Contact: Emma to express interest: 021 415 810,
More details about the Q to be found on the CQI website
Q Coffee System:
CQI developed the Q Coffee System, now for both Arabica and Robusta, to reinforce and uphold the standards of specialty coffee as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), which has been setting quality standards within the coffee trade for 26 years. The Q Coffee System is internationally recognized and utilized as the primary instrument that supports SCA standards.
CQI’s Q Coffee System locates specialty coffees at origin and helps to improve those that have the potential to meet specialty standards. The effect is a common language between buyers and sellers that draws attention to more specialty coffees while creating an infrastructure that gives producers greater opportunities to enter the marketplace and to increase their economic viability.
When a coffee moves through the Q Coffee System and becomes verified as a Q Coffee™, it signifies an independent confirmation of quality that can truly be deemed specialty. Green coffee samples are submitted to an In-Country Partner (ICP), and 3 Licensed Q Graders (professionally accredited cuppers) cup and score the coffee. Coffees that meet the standards for green, roasted, and cup quality are issued a Q Certificate. If a coffee does not meet specialty standards, it receives a technical report that explains why.
Reinforcing Standards:
A Differentiated Approach According to SCAA standards, a coffee that receives a score of 80 or above is considered specialty. Q Coffees™ provide an assurance of quality that consumers can trust. While many variables in roasting and brewing affect the taste of coffee, Q Coffees™ confirm that the beans being used are among the highest quality in the world – properly milled and having distinguishable characteristics that separate them from other coffees. A good bean is the first step toward achieving a perfect cup of coffee.
Reinforcing the standards of specialty coffee links everyone in the supply chain with an integrity that shows pride in the product.