NZSCA Christmas Party with Coffee in Good Spirits throwdown!

The NZSCA invites you to our Coffee in Good Spirits throwdown event.

A night for the coffee community to catch up with a food truck, beer and banter, we’ll be running the inaugural Coffee in Good Spirits throwdown.

This is a limited ticket event for competitors to encourage responsible cocktail drinking. First in first served, so get your ticket to compete now!

Location: Atomic Coffee Roasters, Kingsland, Auckland
Time: 6 pm onwards
Date: Thursday 5 December 2019
RSVP: via Eventbrite>
Competitor tickets: $40  SOLD OUT!!!!! RSVP now for Beers and Banter
Prize: $1000

Spectator tickets are free for supporters of the NZSCA and New Zealand coffee community. Come along and join the festive celebrations!  If you’d like to volunteer, get in touch


Limited to eight competitors, there will be three knockout rounds comprising of warm, cold and ultimate espresso martini final round. You select your coffee and spirits for use on the night. Competitors will need to bring with them all they need to create their cocktails, two cocktails will be made in each round.

The warm and cold drink has an elective choice of espresso, filter or any brew method of choice, minimum 30ml in each drink.

Use any method, complexity, and recipe.

Judged loosely on three sections: tastiness/nerdiness/fire and flair. Overall drink impression ‘which one is the best?’

• First round: Competitors are drawn and go head to head creating a WARM Cocktail (filter or espresso)

• Second round: Competitors go head to head creating a COLD Cocktail (filter or espresso)

• Final Round: Espresso Martini (espresso only). Two competitors go head to head to battle it out for the $1000 cash prize.


Two stations: on each is one LM Mini espresso machine, one E65s Mahlkonig grinder, access to one EK grinder, one kettle, one ice bucket.

Also provided is a tray with space for organisation backstage.

Bring your own glassware, muddlers, mixers, stainless steel straws and costumes.


First two rounds have TWO taste judges and a head judge required if there are any clashes in which beverage tastes the best. The Head judge will assess the amount of coffee in each beverage.

Last round, ultimate espresso martini round has three judges.

Thanks to our sponsors: Atomic Coffee Roasters, La Marzocco, AMC Roastery Supply.


Please give a warm round of applause for the following who are going to shake it till they make it:

Nico Refiti, Ozone Coffee Roasters, Auckland

An Nguyen, JDE, Auckland

Conor Budina, Mojo Coffee Cartel, Auckland

Emma Barry, Lion Co, Auckland

Matthew Stevens, Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland

Alex Hobson, Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland

Isabella Brown, Browne Street, Auckland

Conor D’arcy, Mojo Coffee Cartel, Auckland

We are looking forward to celebrating the amazing year of 2019.