Who's doing it like Dick? (the creator of the espresso martini)

Who’s up to win $1000 so far?  We asked our entrants to put down their cocktail shaker, pour a delicious concoction and answer our curly questions.

First up we have: Sean Tiernan

Insta: @TheDrummingBarista

Representing: Flight Coffee and The Hangar in Wellington as their head Barista.

What’s in your cup? Parami – Timor-Leste – Natural. Blessed and honoured to be able to showcase world-class coffee’s on a daily basis at The Hangar.

Cocktail flavours that shouldn’t go together but do: Horseradish and tomato juice because that ‘bloody Mary’ lady figured out it could cure hangovers. Haha.

Why isn’t this glass full? Just because I work with one of New Zealand’s best coffee roasters and with a team of world-class coffee heads doesn’t mean I know everything. I’m still learning, still pursuing my craft, taking new steps, new risks, sometimes failing hard and quickly moving on. But also winning, documenting and improving. Everyday may look the same but the thing I love the most about life is that the opportunities it brings are always different and so rewarding. This is why I am so excited to be competing in Wellington’s leg of CIGS – it’s opened my mind to the world of coffee and liquor and how they come together in such a beautiful and rewarding way.

What would you do with the $1000 cash prize? Buy some new booze to refill my at home bar-trolley as most of it has been consumed practicing and experimenting for CIGS haha. 

Second on the rank:  Katie Knight 

Insta: @byanyotherrose

Representing:  Frank’s, Wellington.

What is your current role?  Barista and dad joke maker.

What’s in your cup? A natural filter coffee.

Cocktail flavours that shouldn’t go together but do: Anything and egg white.

Why isn’t this glass full? Because I spilt it.

What would you do with the $1000 cash prize?  Buy more coffee and more spirits. 

He’s giving it a go again: Nico Refiti

Insta: @nicorefiti

Representing: Ozone Coffee Roasters, AKL, Taranaki and beyond. 

What is your current role? Client Manager, Barista Trainer 

What’s in your cup? That’s a rude question to ask a cricketer. 

Cocktail flavours that shouldn’t go together but do: Tequila and Dry. Honestly, try it.

Why isn’t this glass full? I don’t get the question. Do you think an empty glass questions its own existence?

What would you do with the $1000 cash prize? Squirrel it away for the day I feel safe to go overseas again.

Coming back to the Bar: Alex Hobson

Representing: Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland

What is your current role: Coffee Roaster.  

What’s in your cup?: Usually some sort of single origin espresso or a long black but in the evening a double nip of Mezcal or Tequila. 

Cocktail flavours that shouldn’t go together but do: Not so much a cocktail but a good ol Texan classic “Pickle-Back” Shooter (Bourbon and Pickle Brine) is an absolute favorite. 

Why isn’t this glass full?: Because you’re meant to top it off with champagne!

What would you do with the $1000 cash prize?: If I was blessed enough to win, I’d maybe put the money towards some new coffee brewing toys or a really big jar of pickles?

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