'Another tasty brown stuff event'

Brought to you by the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Community and Events formerly the NZ Coffee Guild.

Earlier this year the decision was made in consultation with the NZSCA board to cease the NZ Coffee Guild and continue their work under the banner of Community and Events.

Much thought was put into this decision but ultimately the reasoning behind this was to make our events more inclusive and more community-focused for all. A reminder of why we exist as per our four objectives.

A small committee within the board has been tasked with getting the ball rolling on our community events and we have two that will be ongoing and a few other events to add to the mix ‘Sausage Fest’ and supporting ‘Milk Wizard’.

The Tasters Series

The first half somersault is performed in the straight position, and then the pike or tuck shape is assumed before cupping

I. The Situation
There is always a call for us to host cupping events. We have done many but noticed logistics on-site and large cuppings often result in undesirable outcomes, not only for those tasting the coffee but for the coffees themselves. Teaching someone new to cupping can be very challenging, time-consuming and often very daunting.

We feel that breaking down the barriers of cuppings/tastings is a key to opening the doors to more coffee lovers in New Zealand.

II. Overview
Instead of traditional cupping we will do brewed coffee tastings aka “Another Tasty Brown Stuff Event.” Individuals can either drink from a cup/bowl or use a spoon to aspirate the coffee from their own bowl. This also allows for a tasting to be safe without the possibility of sharing vessels and cross-contamination and opens the events up to be inclusive.

III. Target Market
A nationwide event up to eight events/hosts per series within a week, sharing the kits provided by the Association. These events will differ, they may be straight tastings, differing origins, differing roast profiles or guess the origin, taste notes etc.

Tasters Series IV. Details
Green coffee: In association/sponsorship with green bean member suppliers, we will provide roasting prior to sending and highlight the different aspects or coffees nationwide.
Roasted coffee: In association/sponsorship with roaster member companies we will highlight differing coffees from roasters around the country.

We will have four kits available to do the tastings, providing everything that you may need, apart from a 1.9-litre pour-over brewer.

The first few will focus on tasting six coffees in each event, as the events grow we may add to the number of thermal jugs in each kit allowing for more coffees to be tasted.

We want to celebrate our community and amazing coffee by creating ‘Another Tasty Brown Stuff Event’ series. We’re hoping you and your team might be keen to jump in and help. To make it simple, we have outlined specific criteria, created a Tasters Series kit and teamed up with a green bean sponsor, an independent roaster and are now ready to launch the first series.


Four Tasting kits aimed at reducing the barrier for events incl Acme 24 spoons, 36 cups, carafes, Cafetto cleaner, watch glasses and 100 filters, cleaning instructions included.

Details on how to run the event safely.

Delicious coffees curated by our Green Bean Sponsor and roasted independently to bring out the rich and complex flavours.


At least two people on-site running the event.

Marketing: We’ve found at least one Instagram post four weeks out from the event, then two the week off and stories helps to spread the word. 

A space with the capacity to host a group of people.

A pour-over brewer with 1.9litre capacity and a grinder.

The kits washed and cleaned as per instructions and returned with no missing bits or the ghost of roaster fires will haunt you.

Two large curated bins will contain: 6 x 2-litre thermal jugs
24 x Acme cupping spoons
36 x Acme Tasters cups
1 x Brew clean chemical, filters for brewers, instructions on cleaning etc.


We will send out the coffee and kits to those that have asked to host. They will be asked to promote the event through their own social media channels alongside the NZSCA and have a minimum number of ticket sales etc. NZSCA will set up the Eventbrite listings for all events.

You will receive the kits and all the information/logistics prior so the event will run smoothly and consistently. You will need a minimum of two people dedicated to running the event on the day/evening. You will be responsible to ensure that the kits are cleaned and freighted to the next user.

It’s a Throwdown

Megan channels Larsson, the creativity spirit

‘It’s a throwdown’ events are just about a good old fashioned catch up with some beers and a winner takes all throw down. These events are purely meant for a casual catch up with the home coffee enthusiast and barista/coffee professional, no fear or intimidation of the big cash throwdowns. These events are based on having fun. There may be other elements added to these events over time and within a monthly series, a sniff off, coffee Olympic’s with puck & cupping spoon races, dump tube discus etc. A Throwdown is simply a challenge so… it could be anything! Mostly fun!

Sausage Fest

Our yearly end of year catch up around the BBQ, features sausages, tasty brown beverages and good times.

A ‘fluffy brigade’ colouring competition will be happening also!

Nationwide: Thursday December 3rd

Seeking venue hosts if you’re keen to crack out the BBQ contact us

Confirmed Venues

Auckland North Shore: Toasted Coffee, 4 Link Drive, Wairau Valley.

Firsthand Coffee, 15 Joll Road, Havelock North.

Wellington: Acme Office, 16 Jessie Street.

Christchurch: Switch Coffee/Black Betty, 165 Madras Street, Christchurch Central.

Proudly Supporting: Milk Wizards

A Next Level Throwdown filled with sorcery and brought to you in association with a group of member companies and others. Guaranteed to be a good time, spellbinding sponsors, giveaways and eternal bragging rights for the person who creates magic with milk.

Keep your calendar free for Friday 13 November in Auckland folks!
All will be revealed on our social pages soon…

Do you want to host an event, or have an idea suggestion for one? Or do you have an industry/community event that you would like us to promote? We look forward to hearing from you soon! contact us…

NZSCA event code of conduct/best practices.

Events may be cancelled or postponed if a minimum of 60% of available tickets remain unsold. Ticketing for all events will run through NZSCA and Eventbrite and cost $20 each attendee for the Tasters Series.