Seeking Hosts for Tasters Series V2

The first Tasters Series Event was a huge success!  Member company L’affare have put their hands up to source some tasty coffees for the next one.

We’re hoping you and your team might be keen to jump in and help, with up to eight venues hosting the next series around the country. To make it simple, we have outlined specific criteria, created a Tasters Series kit and with learnings from the first round, we’re excited about the next one.

We are locking in Monday 15 February and Thursday 18 February for these nationwide events.

Involving a mini-game tasting game, there’s an opportunity to win the coffee’s sampled and a dozen tasty browns of a different variety!

Don’t forget, we provide the kit!

-Incl Acme 24 spoons, 36 cups, carafes, Cafetto cleaner, watch glasses and 100 filters, cleaning instructions included.

-Details on how to run the event safely.

-Delicious coffees curated by our Green Bean Sponsor and roasted independently to bring out the rich and complex flavours.

-Collateral for social media and help with Eventbrite

You provide:

– At least two people on-site running the event.

-Marketing: We’ve found at least two Instagram posts four weeks out from the event, leading into at least two during the weeks leading up and stories help to spread the word. 

-A space with the capacity to host a group of people.

-A pour-over brewer with 1.9litre capacity.

-A grinder.

The kits washed and cleaned as per instructions and returned with no missing bits or the ghost of roaster fires will haunt you.

Events might be cancelled or postponed if a minimum of 60% of available tickets is unsold. Last time we had close to 6/8 events sell out. Ticketing for all events will run through NZSCA and Eventbrite and cost $20 each attendee.  
We look forward to hearing from you soon! Stay safe, be kind, drink coffee. The Events Committee.  

Keen to Host?