Stand for a Board Position

We welcome any NZSCA member who is keen to make a positive contribution to the running of our association. Ensure you are familiar with the information on who we are and how we operate. Please read our Confidentially, Conflict of Interest, and Collective Responsibility Policy document for further information on what’s required of you. This can be found here>.

Feel free to reach out to any members of the board if you need further information.

We would love to hear about you! If you are keen to put yourself forward please provide a photo of yourself along with:




Tell us why you would like to stand, what would you like to contribute to the association:

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. You’ll be called upon to do a short 2-minute presentation on who you are and why you’d like to sit to the attendees. We will send out and publish all nominations and bio’s on our website for those unable to attend so they may be part of the voting process. For those wishing to stand but unable to attend, this information is vital to share with our members so you can be represented at the AGM.

As per the Constitution, our members will vote on who they would like to represent them. If you are not voted onto the Board in this instance, there will be other opportunities for you to contribute e.g. sub-committees and/or events or consulting on specialist subject matters.

Regardless of the outcome, we thank you for your time and your willingness to give back to our amazing coffee community.

Those that have put themselves forward to stand:

Ken Shi

Aoraki Coffee

Hi everyone. My name is Ken Shi and I’m currently running Aoraki Coffee Roaster. I’ve been involved in the hospitality industry since 2007 and started to join competitions in 2013 like barista, Latte Art, Cup Tasters, and roasting.

I have been both a latte art and barista championship judge since 2017. I’m also a registered electrician since 2016 so I’ve been very lucky to be involved in every part of the coffee industry; roasters, technicians, sales, and baristas. They are all very unique but also connected to each other, to feel their pain and experience the beauty of their success. These experiences make one of the reasons why I like to stand.

At this stage, if you ask me what I can contribute to the association, I will say as far as the goal is clear, which is ensuring we are creating a strong and inviting community as well as taking our diverse community of coffee to the next level. I’m ready to face any challenges and accomplish them with our beautiful people, together, in this big coffee community.
Lastly, I’m very sorry about the absence, as my wife Daisy needs to travel for a conference, taking over mother’s job.
Hope you all have a great time!

Jake Clayton

Suntory Coffee

Hey coffee lovers! I’m Jake and I work at Suntory Coffee in beautiful East Tamaki, Auckland. I’m passionate about democratising quality and bringing locally roasted fresh coffee to the masses – I reckon every New Zealander should have access to excellent coffee regardless of where you live, an ambition enabled through growing a thriving specialty coffee community.

Supporting the SCA is one of the best ways I can do this so you’ll always find me either amongst the crowd or behind the scenes at Latte Art throwdowns, Cup Tasters comps, Aeropress champs, hosting events at our roastery in Auckland, volunteering at the Barista Champs in Wellington and generally getting involved in every industry event that I can. Being engaged with our coffee community has been extremely rewarding but I’m keen to contribute more, and putting my hand up for a board position will allow me to lend even more time and energy into supporting and growing our industry through both advocacy and getting my hands dirty at even more events!

I’m gutted to be unable to attend the AGM in person this year (I’ll be drinking coffee with customers in Wellington, but I’ll be with you in spirit). Have a beer or three for me though, and I’ll see you all at the next round of events!

Cheers, Jake

Linda Smith

Coffee & Nut Trading Pty Ltd

Coffee and Nut Trading started from small beginnings in 1989 with a close association with Papua New Guinea (PNG) Exporters.  My husband Victor, expanded the business liaising and representing growers in PNG.  In 1998 I joined the company after working in the Corporate sector for many years.

As the company continued to grow, we moved from small premises to larger commercial offices, employing more staff, travelling several times a year to visit clients and building up a larger market portfolio.  Over the years the business gained more and more momentum supplying coffee into the New Zealand and the Australian markets.

Our focus is to source socially ethical premium quality coffees into New Zealand and Australian markets, build and maintain a strong reliable reputation and loyal network amongst our clients.

As we continued to grow as a company, we maintained supply to our loyal clientele and we have continued to meet all challenges along the way.

Over the last 20 years I’ve been running the company as the sole Director and have been fortunate to have very good support from industry peers, and from our client base.

In 2003 I became a Member of the Australian Coffee Traders Association (ACTA) and was subsequently invited to join the Board and appointed Treasurer.

I would like to stand for the NZSCA Board as I have a strong background in dealing with smaller boutique and larger roasters, helping them to build their business and an understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

As a New Zealand Citizen based in Australia, I would be delighted to contribute to the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association.