The Level 4 Lockdown Catto-Chino Challenge!

We could all do with a laugh right now, for our own mental health. We know many of you are brewing at home with your cats so we created the ultimate distraction with the Catto-Chino Challenge!

We want YOU to create a fun, feline-inspired latte art creation. Your Catto-chino can be a classic free pour, 3D, or etched style.
Tag us on Instagram @nzspeccoffee and #cattochinonz to be in to win! Bonus points if there is a cat in the picture 😹

What is a Catto-Chino? Well, it is a rarely sighted previously unclassified drink, often seen on social media under the incorrect banner of Latte Art (featuring many, many cats). It may or may not include coffee, tea, chocolate, or other beverage. What it does include is fluffy milk. This rare breed of fluffy milk was common in the ’80s and ’90s. In 2021, just like your cell phone, it has evolved to the next level! Sprinkles, syrups, food colourings are all in your hands if you wish, or go classic!.

Tag us on Instagram @nzspeccoffee and #cattochinonz to be in to win! Bonus points if there is a cat in the picture 😹

Your entry must include a description of the Catto-Chino what type of milk used and the machine/device used to make it. It does not have to be a coffee 😉can be a hot chocolate etc… Catto-Chino’s can be made on anything from a plunger to a home or commercial machine. (Top tip for 3D foam: cool the foam in a fridge prior to your build).

This competition is online only via Instagram and is limited to those in New Zealand for winning stuff. However, kudos will be given to any international entries #fortheloveofthechino

This competition runs until hopefully the end of level four in NZ. Winner/s announced the end of next week.

Meet the Judges:

Introducing our judges for our fun online competition dedicated to our small furry, purry friends.

Head Judge Monsieur Claude @monsieur_claude is an internationally renowned coffee officiate assisted by his slave and Dad, @olibradshaw Claude is currently on lockdown so he knows how we feel but he’s always ready to judge.


Eilidh, who recently really started to love cats, wants to love them so much but is a little nervous around them. It’s an “I want to cuddle them so much, oh but don’t come too close, oh but I wanna cuddle” type situation. We know she can judge a fluffy so that’s a yes from us.

Lillie is a ring-in because her brother decided he hated the cat when it scratched him. Lillie is obsessed with her cat Minnie. She was devastated that she couldn’t judge the ultimate fluffy challenge last year and is itching to judge your creations and cats.

Amy loves fluffy ginger cats! She’s already training hard for the Olympics in Brisbane 2032 in the couch-jumping discipline. She’s had an adventurous lockdown so far with her Olympic training and needs some sitting down judging time. Amy does have quite the parental lineage and her own GS3 at home.

Ollie is another international friend @brewingwithollie who had lots to say about cats. “Scarlett has a doggie and no cats. The neighbours have cats.”
“They lick us and it’s nice”
“They meow when no one is watching”
All comments are backed up and match the scoring!  It’s a six from us for this judge.

This Instagram competition and giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

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Many thanks to our Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship sponsors for the prizes.

Announcing the Winners

October 2021:

Thanks to everyone who created floofy cats in latte art for the Catto-Chino Challenge!

We saw many classic free pour, 3D, or etched styles, and we loved meeting your cats too.

The judges were excited but calibrated. See their comments below. Thanks to our international friends who entered too.

Winner/s gets a coffee-related goodie pack from our latte art sponsors. And bragging rights as the Champion of the Catto-Chino!

L-R Winner, Asuka, Runner up Takashi, and third place Jaewon and the prize packs from our amazing Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship sponsors!