Cofinet announced as our Green Coffee Sponsor at the NZ Barista Champs

NEW Sponsor Barista Champs

In the theme of reducing barriers to competing, an opportunity has arisen to create an exciting new sponsor category based on green bean sourcing. As technology and access to roasting have evolved, many baristas now seek to roast their own coffee and we’d like to help them have access to the best green coffee.

We are excited to announce that Cofinet have joined us as a green coffee sponsor for this year’s championship events. They will be joining us at each event with coffee tastings and they are providing the winners with green coffee vouchers.

Each Regional Winner will receive a $600 Prize voucher.
The National Champion will receive a $1500 Prize voucher

This cannot be exchanged for cash, winning competitors are not required to use the Cofinet coffees for the championship event if they are not suited. Winners are welcome to trade or sell the vouchers. However the vouchers may only be used on Microlot or Exotic coffees – coffees which come from a single producer. These are coffees with extensive transparency, details on the producer, varieties, processing and highlight the foundations that specialty coffee is built on. Cofinet will ensure there is a wide range of choices in these coffees and that there will be options that are below the total value of the vouchers.


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