Green Coffee Sponsorship at the NZ Barista Championship.

NEW Sponsor category Barista Champs

In the theme of reducing barriers to competing, an opportunity has arisen to create an exciting new sponsor category based on green bean sourcing. As technology and access to roasting have evolved, many baristas now seek to roast their own coffee and we’d like to help them have access to the best green coffee.

We are currently seeking a green coffee sponsor for this year’s championship events. What that sponsorship ultimately looks like, is at the discretion of the successful green sponsor.

Ideally, the regional barista champions from Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland will win X amount of $ vouchers for green coffee. This cannot be exchanged for cash but may be traded to others if they choose not to use coffee from the sponsor.

Also, the champion of New Zealand at the main event will win X amount of $ (larger) towards their coffee for the world event. We can not hold them to using the sponsor’s coffee and as above cannot be exchanged for cash but may be traded or sold to others.

At the events, we envisage the green coffee sponsor hosting mini tastings/cuppings throughout, highlighting and educating attendees about the favours that can be found in their coffee.

We will be kindly requesting that all expressions of interest and sponsorship offers comprise the following investment:

  • Financial support towards the running costs of the Aotearoa Barista Champs 2024. Four events: three regionals and the main two-day championship.
  • Prizes of green coffee supply for regional champions and the NZ Champion, if they choose to use it.
  • Support from your team at the events.
  • Goodie bag gifts: given to competitors, judges, other sponsors, volunteers, etc.

These will then be presented to the NZSCA Board. The Board will, at their sole unbiased discretion, review and advise on the successful offer. Irrespective of the outcome, we thank you for your support and value your contributions to drive our industry forward.

Contact for a full sponsor opportunity overview.

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