Member Company Profile: May Coffee Crew

What is your core business? Supplying freshly roasted specialty Vietnamese coffee directly to consumers through our website and to cafes/restaurants

When did you start trading? December 2023, we’re launching on the 11th!

Give us a three-sentence summary of your company: Kiwi-Vietnamese family-owned, we source only the best beans directly from Vietnamese farms and small batch roast in Aotearoa. Proudly promoting high-grade Robusta beans that will surprise you. Uncensored Vietnamese flavours, a traditional taste with a modern touch.

Who are your customers? Home consumers, Vietnamese and Asian Fusion Restaurants, Cafes, and anyone who likes really good coffee!

Describe your ideal customer: Our ideal customer would be someone who appreciates rich, bold flavours, values cultural authenticity, and seeks a unique coffee experience. This customer might have a penchant for discovering new and exotic tastes, enjoy exploring different brewing methods, and embrace the ritualistic aspect of coffee consumption. They would also prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.

How do you reach your customers? (online, storefront, in person, on the phone, etc) Online, in-person, word of mouth, email, social media, from our website

What’s something you sell/offer that not many people might know about? NZ roasted, strong, bold, smooth Robusta coffee. Vietnamese Phin Filters for a new brewing experience!

Tell us about any advances over time that you’ve embraced. These may be technological, sustainability, or HR for example As a new start-up, we have only just begun but over the last 12 months we’ve learned about coffee from scratch (still a long way to go!) We’ve developed direct relationships with farmers in Vietnam and learned all about green bean sourcing which we handle ourselves, and learned (a little) about roasting and of course distribution. We are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve as a new player in the industry and we have exciting things planned for the future… Watch this space!

What has been the project/concept/service that you’re most proud of? Being the first NZ coffee brand to proudly promote premium NZ-roasted Vietnamese Robusta.

What gets you and your team out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do? To have a positive impact on the NZ coffee industry by promoting new products (Vietnamese Robusta) in ways that haven’t been done before, challenging the misconceptions that Robusta is a lower quality product, and as a result, growing the Robusta category so we enhance the livelihoods of the coffee growing communities in Vietnam and also invest in the local community in New Zealand.

Do you think the expertise of the industry is appreciated by the general coffee-drinking public? We have relied on the generosity of many experts in the coffee industry for advice and support in setting up our new business – I don’t think this can be overappreciated!

In an ideal world, where would you like to see the future of our industry? We’d like to see the industry embracing and promoting all different types of coffee beans, including Robusta, rather than treating them as something inferior or of lower quality. This approach would foster the growth of Robusta-growing communities and enhance livelihoods in many coffee-producing regions around the world.

What’s in the future for your company? Any current projects that you are proud of? We aim to grow the demand for Robusta and Vietnamese coffee in New Zealand, to leave a lasting positive impact through investing in both our local community here in New Zealand and the farming communities in Vietnam. We have begun by donating coffee trees to build an organic coffee farm in the central highlands of Vietnam. While this is our first initiative, we’re excited to see what impact we can have in the future, we’re just getting started!

Contact: Lily Webb,, 021 875 250