Our Barista Champs Sponsors

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, this event just got bigger with the addition of three regional events in March. We are proud of our events and we know we couldn’t do them without the help of many companies individuals and NZ Coffee lovers.  They don’t just give us the money, each sponsor assists in their specialised way to ensure we have the best events for our whole community.


Meadow Fresh

Principal: three-year 2024/25/26
At Meadow Fresh, we believe that great coffee starts with the best ingredients. As the “The Milk Behind the Masters,” we take pride in offering the highest quality milk products that perfectly complement the coffee. We understand that every element is important in crafting a truly delicious cup, and because of this we are committed to being a trusted partner of the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association, supporting the talented baristas, roasters, and coffee enthusiasts who are pushing the boundaries of coffee culture in Aotearoa.
Meadow Fresh Farmhouse and Original will be the only provided fresh milks for use in competition at the regional events. Our favourite Chocolate milk from Puhoi Valley will be available for attendees.
Regional prize packs: Meadow Fresh is generously offering the following regional prize mix, alongside goodie bag treats.

Winner of each region: Flights and accommodation in Wellington for three nights and three crates of fresh milk for practice if needed.

Second Place in each region: Accommodation in Wellington for three nights and two crates of fresh milk for practice if needed.

Third Place in each region: Two crates of fresh milk for practice if needed.

NOTE: These prizes are only redeemable if the placegetters choose to participate in the National event in October. However, with all this support, you’d be crazy not too!


Espresso Machines: three-year 2024/25/26

La Marzocco is synonymous with specialty coffee both here in New Zealand and around the globe.

An unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and the art of espresso makes La Marzocco the perfect partner for the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association.

The solid reputation as a leading manufacturer of espresso machines stems from a rich heritage dating back to 1927, La Marzocco has consistently set the industry standard for quality, durability, and performance.

La Marzocco machines are renowned for their precision engineering, allowing baristas to unleash their creativity and showcase their skills at the highest level of competition.

The collaboration with La Marzocco and the New Zealand Speciality Coffee Association ensures that participants have access to the best equipment that enhances their ability to craft exceptional coffee experiences.

We wish the best of luck to all the competitors in this year’s Championship!

Winner’s Prize for each region: $200 Prezzie Card to support competition cost.

La Marzocco is providing the espresso machines and technical support for the championship at the regional level. These will be two Mini Linea’s with 17g baskets. La Marzocco is bound to bring some cool merch and goodies to the party too.


Espresso Grinders: single-year 2024

Atomic Coffee Roasters proudly supports the best New Zealand baristas – and those aspiring to be – via Victoria Arduino’s Mythos MY75 grinder.

As an expert Specialty Coffee roastery, Atomic has worked with thousands of baristas around the country and continuously strive to equip them with the best tools to hone their craft and achieve perfection, from the cafe environment to the highest stages of competition. With its new design and functionalities, the MY75 grinder upgrades the user experience to ensure absolute control and precision in coffee grinding, making it the barista’s tool of choice to achieve the perfect grind.

Experience it first-hand: Atomic invites you to their Graham St Specialty espresso bar (2B Graham Street, Auckland) on Thursday 29 February for an evening demo session. Keep an eye out on @atomiccoffeeroasters for more information closer to the time.

Mythos MY75 is the espresso grinder for the championship, no other grinder is allowed. A single grinder will be available for use in the regional event and up to two in the national championship.


Acme Cups

Ceramics: three-year 2024/25/26

We’re strong believers that the hospitality industry is one of the best industries to work in and want to champion those who see their future in this industry. The NZBC is a brilliant event that gives baristas an opportunity to not only showcase their skills but also gives them a platform to learn and engage with the industry.

This year marks our 11th year of sponsoring the NZBC, we’re so incredibly honoured to be able to give back to the community that supports not only Acme but also its co-owners, Megan and Paddy, and their careers in Speciality Coffee. Have we mentioned that we love Speciality coffee? Cause we do.
Acme Cup Co Ceramics will be available on-site for competing baristas or they may choose to bring their own. Ceramics from the Tasters, Roman, and Classic Espresso ranges will be provided. No other ceramics are allowed.
Deal for registered competing Baristas: Acme has kindly offered a discount for our registered baristas. This will be applied to the order automatically when the link is used for 20% off the Tasters, Roman, and Classic Espresso range. Any questions regarding ranges etc can be directed to Ruby: ruby@acmecups.com
Winner (each region): The regional winner will receive a voucher for a dinner in Wellington at Kisa to the value of $100
Cleaning Supplies: three-year 2024/25/26

Started in 2003, Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing, and dispensing equipment, providing a clean machine and perfect tasting cup every time.

Today, our objective remains the same as when we started – to provide the most effective cleaning solutions without compromising on quality. We’re proud to have poured 21 years of passion into supporting the people who make up the coffee industry.

We take great pride in working with the talented baristas behind the machine. We’ll let the experts bring their unique, artistic flair while we take care of the cleanliness behind that rich, smooth cup of ‘oh so good’, champion-worthy coffee.

On behalf of the Cafetto team, we wish all the competitors the very best of luck – we’ll be at the edge of our seats watching!

Cafetto products will be on-site ensuring all of our equipment stays sparkling clean and the coffee tastes delicious.


AMC Roastery Supply

Equipment: three-year 2024/25/26

“Roast It… Pack It… Grind It… Brew It!” By now you will hopefully know AMC Roastery Supply as the place to get your Mahlkoenig, Ditting, and Anfim grinders, thanks to our 16-year-long sponsorship of the New Zealand Coffee Championships.

And if you have been paying closer attention, you will also know we are the place to go for your Diedrich coffee roasters, Actionpac packaging scales, Fetco filter brewers, and Brew-Rite coffee filters. Sixty years after Alec Clubb – a canny ex-pat Scot – first started importing coffee brewing equipment, our third-generation family-owned and run business has assembled an enviable stable of the best-performing equipment brands in each market segment we have expanded into.

We like to sell solutions, not headaches, and back them up with expert product knowledge, local spare parts, technical training, and support. We also like to give back to the industry that we operate in, which is why we have gladly sponsored the various New Zealand Coffee Championships for such a long time, and look forward to continuing that support for many years to come.

We would also encourage others to similarly support the NZSCA and/or the competitions and events that they organise, which allow coffee professionals to showcase and improve their products, knowledge, and skills. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. So, volunteer your time or sponsor with some coin, if you can, or at the very least become a member of the Association and patronise their events. I guarantee you’ll get more out of it than you put in.

And remember, if you need to “Roast It, Pack It, Grind It, or Brew It” then give Emma, Dave, or Greg at AMCRS a call. Go on, you know you want to!

At the regional events we will be supplying filter grinding equipment to support Cofinet’s tasting sessions and of course, bringing the best snacks.



Syrup: single-year 2024

MONIN NZ is proud to sponsor the 2024 Barista Champs, to connect with and inspire creativity in our local barista community. MONIN has been trusted by hospitality professionals for generations, all around the world as well as here in NZ. Our premium range of syrups, purees, and sauces inspire creative and innovative flavour solutions for a high-quality beverage.

Monin will be onsite at our regional events pouring a few signature coffee drinks with their products. Showcasing how versatile Monin can be in the cafe and bar settings.

Winner’s prize for each region: MONIN syrup goodies and merch including a cool branded denim and leather apron and a stainless steel latte art pen.

Places second through fourth of each region receive: MONIN syrups and goodies.



Plant-based Milk: single-year 2024

MILKLAB was established in 2015 in Sydney, Australia as a foodservice-exclusive range of alternative milks, designed to provide the hospitality industry with a premium offer that would elevate the café coffee experience for their customers. MILKLAB’s range includes Almond, Oat, Soy, Macadamia, and Coconut milks which all texture and stretch with high performance, provide a creamy mouthfeel and compliment the flavour of espresso coffee.

We colLABorate extensively with the coffee industry to create our products. The result? Milk that’s made especially for coffee — whether you enjoy MILKLAB in a barista jug or a coffee cup.

Supporting the NZSCA 2024 Barista Champs is an incredible way to support baristas throughout New Zealand and to give our baristas a stage to showcase their knowledge and talents. We are pumped to see different milks paired with different coffees to highlight flavour notes, texture, and design.

MILKLAB will have all five of their plant-based milks available for use on-site for the competing baristas: Almond, Oat, Coconut, Soy, and Macadamia.

Winner’s prize for each region: The regional winner will receive a MILKLAB merch pack.

Deal for registered competing Baristas: We are thrilled to be supporting this year’s Regional Barista Champs! We are so keen to see plant-based milks used in the champs and to be hero’d by you. As a thank you for your support and to let you trial different plant milks with your coffee, please visit www.aitkens.co.nz/collections/milklab and use the discount code: “BARISTACHAMPS2024” for 20% off.



Green Bean: single-year 2024

For 80 years our family business has grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. In 2015 we expanded our operations and began producing, sourcing, and exporting specialty coffee to the rest of the world.

As fourth-generation coffee growers, we specialise in alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. On our farm and in our processing centre La Pradera, the most exotic varieties are processed achieving unique cup profiles that are distinctive worldwide.

After five years of successful operations in Colombia, we decided to expand our scope to represent farmers, cooperatives, and associations in Peru, Brazil, and Ethiopia with more origins to come in 2024.

Cofinet will be hosting a complimentary tasting bar at each regional event showcasing a range of Microlot and Exotic coffees produced and sourced by Cofinet. Come and learn more about the different coffee varieties, innovative processing methods, and the exceptional producers that go into your cup! The world can change with a sip.

Winner’s prize for each region: will receive a $600 prize voucher.
The National Champion will receive a $1500 prize voucher
NOTE: This cannot be exchanged for cash, winning competitors are not required to use the Cofinet coffees for the championship event if they are not suited. Winners are welcome to trade or sell the vouchers. However, the vouchers may only be used on Microlot or Exotic coffees – coffees that come from a single producer. These are coffees with extensive transparency, details on the producer, varieties, processing and highlight the foundations that specialty coffee is built on. Cofinet will ensure there is a wide range of choices in these coffees and that there will be options that are below the total value of the vouchers.


Our Regional Hosts

Our regional hosts are helping us with their fantastic venues and they are offering assistance in sourcing some tasty coffee. C4 Coffee Roasters are offering additional discount codes for their IMPRESS tampers and jugs, alongside their Varia espresso scales. Their tampers and jugs will be available on-site and at the regionals for those who need them. Please note that these discount codes are set for one use only and are for registered competing baristas only.

Havana HQ Auckland

Leading the coffee revolution in NZ since 1989, Havana is committed to using sustainable practices at our magical roasteries in Auckland & Wellington, where all your senses are fulfilled – the aromas, the music, the vibe, the people, & the fun! We celebrate inclusivity, authenticity & the spirit to break free from the everyday. We champion premium quality coffees, ethically grown, and directly traded from countries of origin, and we’re so stoked to be hosting the 2024 Auckland Barista Champs and providing a platform for amazing coffees and passionate baristas to tell their story.

Competitor Offer

We’re pleased to offer all competitors at the 2024 Auckland Barista Champs a discounted rate on coffee for the event and practice in the lead-up. For further details please contact samkeall@havana.co.n

C4 Coffee HQ Christchurch

C4 Coffee Co. – Trailblazers of the South Island specialty coffee scene since 1996, we’re honoured to be the Ōtautahi regional hosts for the 2024 Barista Championships. Originating from a desire to bring Wellington’s vibrant coffee scene to Christchurch and evolving from a modest 12 kg Probat roaster to a leader in New Zealand’s specialty coffee industry, we’ve dedicated ourselves to discovering and sharing the finest sustainable coffee micro-lots, air-roasted and shipped every weekday. As a proud independent, family-owned business, our commitment extends beyond maintaining high standards for our coffee to nurturing a community of coffee enthusiasts and professionals distributing the world’s best brew gear. Join us as we continue to shape the specialty coffee experience for Kiwis, celebrating a legacy of excellence and passion.

Competitor Offer

With New Zealand’s largest selection of roasted coffee and equipment, we at C4 Coffee Co. are excited to extend an offer to supply coffee to any registered competitor(s). Our supply includes support in providing sourcing and roast details, as well as a wholesale rate to make higher-grade lots more accessible for competition. Reach out to Jared (C4’s Head Roaster) to chat about what we have on offer and how we may be able to help! team@c4coffee.co.nz or jared@c4coffee.co.nz

IMPRESS Barista Tools is happy to offer a deal to any competitor entering the 2024 Regional Barista Champs.
25% discount on any IMPRESS Tamper (58 or 58.5mm) or Precision Milk Jugs (350ml or 600ml sizes) Code: IMPRESSNZBC24 15% discount on Varia AKU Espresso Scales (Black only) Code: VARIANZBC24

Mojo Featherston, Wellington

From small beginnings on the corner of Wakefield and Taranaki Street in 2003, Mojo Coffee celebrates 20 years as Aotearoa’s largest independent cafe operator with over 30 manager-operated cafes across the country. One of their newest spaces, Featherston St (brought to life in collaboration with Arete Architects) will be host to the 2024 regionals for Te-Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington.

Competitor Offer

We also have a 20% discount code for our online Micro estates – baristas just need to use ‘NZBC2024’ at the checkout. Feel free to contact Logan lcollinge@mojo.coffee to talk through options if needed.

Keen to know more? The details can be found here>