Aotearoa Cup Tasters 2024

Sunday 12 midday, 4 August 2024, The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby, Auckland.

For the first time ever, we have a principal sponsor in the Aotearoa Cup Tasters Championship! And they know a thing or two about coffee. Many thanks to John Burton Ltd who are sponsoring and sourcing the delicious tasty coffees that will be cupped.

We are very excited to announce that in ’24 we will do things a little differently. We will publish a list of all 12-15 coffees before the event. All of these coffees will be roasted for the event, however, we will only use nine in our triangulations and only we will know on the day. There are no conflicts here, you can know the coffees all well, and you can even roast them, but what you don’t know is which if any triangulations they are going to be in. This also changes in the first round, so don’t check the board for the easy cups as the triangulations change in each round. They are the same but their positions on the tables will change.

It’s a game of taste, it’s a game of the mind, it’s a game of accuracy and speed. Who will take the title in ’24?


Hey Cuppers! 

We are excited to announce that starting today, you can get your spoon out and begin practicing for the 2024 Aotearoa Cup Tasters Championship, with coffees that will be used in the championship. All competition coffees can be purchased in 2 and 5-kilo bags of green beans.

Exceptional coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, and Rwanda are all in the mix. 


You can order online through John Burton’s online portal. If you are not yet a John Burton customer, email them at 

Many thanks to:

Principal: single-year 2024 John Burton Ltd


Event partner/sMeadow Fresh

Seeking volunteers now to assist in running the event>

Get in to win> Tickets are now SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waitlist> Only 36 spots to cup available.

Cuppers so far:

  1. Woohyung Lee Representing: Holiday, Auckland
  2. Jaye Sanders Representing: Firsthand Coffee,  Hawkes Bay
  3. Belinda Zhang,  Auckland
  4. Chace Tian Representing: Coffee Tech, Auckland
  5. Logan Collinge Representing: Mojo Coffee, Wellington
  6. Dennis Lima Representing: L’affare, Newmarket Auckland
  7. Fletcher Handscomb Representing: L’affare, Wellington
  8. Tony Yuan Representing: Karajoz Coffee Company, Auckland
  9. Mieko Matsuo Representing: Ozone Coffee, Auckland
  10. Yui Honjo, Representing: Coffee Tech, Auckland
  11. Y J Huang, Representing: Mojo Coffee, Auckland
  12. Saki Onishi Representing: Mojo Coffee, Wellington
  13. Mark Liao Representing: Legend Coffee Roaster, Auckland
  14. Tony Fan Representing: Coffee Tech, Auckland
  15. Carson Chan Representing: Allpress Espresso NZ, Auckland
  16. TBC Representing: Aoraki Coffee Roaster, Waikato
  17. TBC Representing: Aoraki Coffee Roaster, Waikato
  18. Geunwoo Jung Representing: Paddock Cafe, Cambridge
  19. Johann Chong Representing: Meebz Coffee Roasters, Auckland
  20. Toby Oliver Chen Representing: Flight Coffee Hangar, Wellington
  21. Dove Chen Representing: Grey Roasting Co. Hamilton
  22. Nuumanu Tanuvasa Representing: JDE Peet’s, Auckland
  23. Soichiro Takeuchi Representing: Flight Coffee, Wellington
  24. Adrian Dela Rosa Representing: Shelly Bay Baker on Leeds Street, Wellington
  25. Jiyun Jung Representing: Young Dandy, Parnell, Auckland
  26. Joshua Kim Representing: Holiday, Auckland
  27. Yejun Shim Representing: Hi Toastie, Auckland
  28. Oisin Tegeler Representing: Franks Coffee, Wellington
  29. Nelson Ik Run Soon Representing: Starbucks New Zealand,  Auckland
  30. August Hislop Representing: Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
  31. Shintaro Tanaka Representing: Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
  32. Jordy Kunz Representing: Peoples Coffee, Wellington
  33. Ralph Jenner Represting: New Ground Ltd, Auckland
  34. Otavio Augusto Gallina de Abreu Representing: Beverage Services, Auckland.
  35. Sam Guernier Representing: UCC NZ, Auckland
  36. Ewan Kim Representing: Fathers, Auckland