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Train the Trainer – Level One Barista and New Zealand Instructor, Nelson

Train the Trainer course: The New Zealand Specialised Instructor Barista Level One course is brought to you by the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA).

The NZSCA has developed an education program focussed on international standards for our local market. This program will be taught in New Zealand; for New Zealanders.

Participation in the week-long course will enable the Specialised Instructor to take the full course material (lesson plan, supply lists, powerpoint presentation) into the company they represent. The course will provide attendees with the skills to train company staff and wholesale clients to internationally recognised instructor standards.

Space is limited.

New Zealand Specialised Instructor – Barista Level One

Time: 9am – 5pm
Date: 12th-16th October 2020
Venue: New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke, Nelson
Course fee: $2,000 + GST

Emma Markland Webster, Specialised Instructor in Barista, Brewing, Sensory Analysis & Cupping. Co examiner TBC

Please read here for more information on the New Zealand Specialised Instructor Barista Level One course.

To enrol or to ask questions, contact | 021 415 810

The fine print: Minimum/maximum numbers apply. 50% deposit required to secure your place for the five day, full time, course. Flights, transport, accommodation and additional meals are not included in the course fee.

More information:

What is the New Zealand Specialised Instructor?

The New Zealand Specialised Instructor is a course initially developed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and further developed by the NZSCA for New Zealand students around New Zealand training material. New Zealand Specialised Instructors are entrusted with the NZSCA Education course material and have access to the resources to be able to teach their own students directly. Those students could be within your own company, wholesale customers or even to the greater public.

The Specialised Instructor credential exists for the following disciplines – Barista, Roaster, Brewing, Sensory Analysis & Cupping. (currently Barista, others will follow)

The NZSCA is holding Specialised Instructor training for Barista Level One.

The NZSCA retains control of the examination process.


How do I become a Specialised Instructor in New Zealand?

We are creating a pathway so that Coffee Professionals within New Zealand can become Specialised Instructors. Coffee Professionals who elect to enrol in this course could be New Zealand Specialised Instructors by the end of the course.

Specialised Instructors in the Barista discipline must:

1. Be certified to Barista Level One

2. Hold the NZSCA Examiner Credential

3. Demonstrate a strong ability to lead a class

4. Attend and participate in the New Zealand Instructor Development that qualifies you as a Specialized Instructor

5. Provide the NZSCA with two references verifying coffee training in your day to day role

Foundations of coffee

Seed to Cup: 3 hours

Introduction to Cupping: 3 hours

Brewing and extraction principles: 6-8 hours

Customer service: 3 hours

After completion of the foundations 

Focus on Barista Basics: 2 x 4-hour lab classes

The course schedule for the week Monday – Friday  

Monday: 9:30am-5pm: Instructor Training & Level One, Foundations.

Tuesday: 9am-5pm: Level One, Foundations continued

Wednesday: 9am-5pm: Level One, Foundations continued and Barista Basics

Thursday: 9am-5pm: New Zealand Level One, Barista Basics, Practical and Written tests

Friday: 9am-5pm: Instructor Training

Read the Handbook that outlines the coursework Barista 1&2 Manual Ver1.1 Emma


Students who pass all the examinations along the way and demonstrate a strong ability to teach and will become qualified as New Zealand Specialised Instructors at the end of the course.  They will be able to start teaching the Barista Level One courses to students. Further classes will follow as the program develops.

I am a “Specialized Instructor” (aka qualified to teach)

Existing Qualifications stand.

I can teach all Barista Level One and Two courses once completed.

I can deliver the relevant practical tests with assistance from another instructor for practical testing out.

I can teach the courses in a location that meets the requirements as listed.

I can teach and charge for the classes ensuring all of the paperwork is complete and relevant costs are covered to the NZSCA.

Requirements for teaching NZSCA education once qualified:

All courses are to be listed on the NZSCA website that is open to students.

All facilities/instructors that wish to take part will be listed on the website.

All students in all classes are to be registered to the NZSCA to track all credits internally.

All classes will offer some discount to NZSCA Guild/NZSCA members.

Fee structure back to the NZSCA:

$60 per class to be paid to NZSCA (all fees paid by instructor or instructor company).

$50 per exam per student to NZSCA (all fees paid by instructor or instructor company).

No under the radar classes. All classes must be registered or licensed to teach will be revoked.

From 2021 financial year $300 (+GST) per year to NZSCA for registration as NZSCA instructor.


To enrol or to ask questions, contact | 021 415 810