Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships

Welcome to the “Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships at Coffee Fest” sponsored by Nuova Simonelli, Dillanos, Ghirardelli, Barista Magazine and Barista Exchange. We are proud to present the newest and most exciting barista competition to be produced at any coffee event anywhere!
Coffee Fest is pleased to announce the creation and debut of this fresh, exciting and leading edge 64 competitor tournament for the ages. The 64 Competitor format will feature head to head competition as “a match” between the competitors. The competitor receiving the highest score from the three judges will advance and the loser will be eliminated. Competitors will be given three minutes to produce one drink for the judges to be scored against the competitor at the facing machine on the tournament stage.
Judging will be based on five categories:
1) Aesthetic Beauty
2) Definition
3) Color Infusion
4) Degree of Difficulty and Creativity
5) Speed
Each Drink will be judged by Coffee Fest veteran judges: Matt Milletto of American Barista & Coffee School and Barista Exchange, Sarah Allen of Barista Magazine and Chris Deferio of Defurios Coffee Consulting, using a ten point must scoring system. Each of the judges will compare the drink presented by each of the two competitors in each match and award 10 points to the competitor with the best presentation in each of the five categories. Judges will award nine points in each category for the drink they consider to be the lesser of the two. The competitor receiving the most points on each of the judge’s scorecard will be the winner in that judges opinion. The competitor advancing will advance by virtue of the judge’s scores of 3 to 0 or 2 to 1.
Bracket for San Diego is here!
The Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships will begin at 9:00am on Friday and 10:00am on Saturday at the San Diego Coffee Fest, June 3-5, 2011. Interested competitors are encouraged to complete the application and submit to Coffee Fest with pictures of their best pours before the selection committee convenes to set the field April 29, 2011 for the June show.
The ultimate champion will earn a grand sum of $2,500. Second place pockets $1,000 and third place earns $500.
Sponsors: Nuova Simonelli provide the Aurelia espresso machines and MDX Grinders. Dillanos provides the coffee and competitors may use their own tampers, steaming pitchers and cups. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company joins the list of proud sponsors.
To participate in the Coffee Fest Art Championship, please fill out an application form and return to Coffee Fest by April 29, 2011.