New Champions! Meadow Fresh Latte Art Champion 2023 Nico Nozaki and NZ Cup Tasters Champion 2023 Pat Russell

No Pressure! Brew Competition

For the April batch of the Peoples Sessions series of extra-coffee-curricular events, we ran a non-pressurised brew competition.
Competitors (everyone that attended entered the comp) chose a brew method of their liking, or design, and prepared a cup from the same roast of Colombian CENCOIC coffee. We waited for the brews to do their thing, and then all sampled them (everyone was also a judge), noting their taste qualities — looking for the brew method the best exhibted the qualities of the Colombian.
Scores were toted up, and the top 3 brews and brewers (have I over-used those terms yet in this post?!) went into a final round, where they reproduced their method, and then blind-judged their own and each others’ cup. Winning the comp with his standard cupping method, was our own Zayd Olaad, who took home a Hario Syphon for his skills.
A massive thanks to everyone who showed up on that cold night, and enjoyed a great evening of coffee exploration and geekery!