Huhtamaki NZ Barista Championship. Our proud sponsors…

Huhtamaki is proud to sponsor the New Zealand Barista Champs for 2012.
Huhtamaki have been making hot cups in New Zealand since the 1970’s so have really been a part of this industry, as it is now, right from the start.  The New Zealand coffee culture is recognised world wide, due to the professionalism of all those involved, coffee roasters, cafe owners and particularly the baristas who show such passion for what they do.
Being the only local manufacturer of paper hot cups, Huhtamaki has worked hard to meet the growth of the industry and to also keep innovating. Huhtamaki’s Uni-Lid, one lid fits all cups, is likely a barista favourite as is the double wall cup doing away with paper cup sleeves.
There looks to be some tough competition this year, Huhtamaki wishes all of the competitors the best of luck and again looks forward to New Zealand being represented at the world event.
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