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If you are a barista looking to develop your career and want be part of the thriving barista community in New Zealand then this is the place for you!
Our mission is to make NZ baristas not only the most sought after in the world but also respected as professionals.
The NZ Barista Guild commitee includes respected baristas from around the country including our Chair Nick Clark from Flight Coffee, our Vice-Chair Simon Lewthwaite from Toasted, Rob Hulse from Bell Tea & Coffee, David Pai from Christchurch, Massimo Capellino from Fuel Espresso, Jay Chapman from Mojo Coffee and Ben Boyle from Barista Empire.
Benefits of membership include:
Regular contact and engagement with like-minded coffee professionals within NZ and abroad
Access to internationally recognised education programs
Preferential bookings and discounts on educational, social and networking events
Invitations to NZ Barista Guild endorsed Latte Art Throwdowns and Barista Jams
Member-only e-newsletter that highlights latest events, trends & industry happenings
Ensuring the voice of the barista is heard and respected within the wider community
Access to professional development
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Also see these courses……Now available at discounted rates for members
CP 202 – Espresso bar efficiency & workflow
CP 190 – Level one certification test (2 parts)
CP 151 – Intro to brewing & extraction
GE 103 – Intro to cupping
Instructor Development Program IDP
More about the guys….

Nick Clark, Flight Coffee & Memphis Belle, Wellington

Chair, NZ Barista Guild

Coffee has been an incredible journey for me over the last 7 years, so much exciting change and development within our Industry, we truly are very lucky in our coffee orientated jobs! Everyday I have the pleasure of learning about what I love and doing so with like minded people, I can’t wait to take the craft and profession of the Barista to the next level

Simon Lewthwaite, Toasted Espresso, Auckland

Vice Chair, NZ Barista Guild

After 8 years, millions of liters of milk and hundreds of thousands of extractions, the coffee world is still changing and it never seems to get dull. I am really excited to be a part of a developing coffee culture, let’s hope that we will push the boundaries of coffee and continue the search for the perfect shot.

Jay Chapman, Mojo Coffee, Wellington

I am Training Officer for Mojo Coffee Cartel & I oversee the training of over two-hundred staff in twenty-three stores nationwide. I also train the City & Guilds International Award in Barista and work with a number of schools in the Wellington region. I’m an active barista championship competitor.

Massimo Capellino, Fuel Espresso, Wellington

Even after 12 years of working with the product I still feel the same as when I first started…LEARNING!!!. Coffee is not a stale environment, neither are the people who share it’s passion! The politics & close minded are a thing of the past & my personal satisfaction is being involved with its rapid quality expansion. The ability to challenge myself everyday is why I have chosen to stick with coffee over the rest.

Ben Boyle, Barista Empire, Auckland

Ben has been in coffee for over 10 years, starting at university, then in the factory side of business for an Auckland coffee company but soon into the cafe as head barista. Ben has competed at both NZ and Australian Barista Championships. He has had training manager & sales rep roles. He now runs two espresso bars & supplies cafes with Barista Empire coffee.

Robert Hulse, Bell Tea & Coffee, Auckland

I work as a trainer for Bell Tea and coffee. I have made coffee for ten years in Auckland and have been involved in the National Barista Championships as a competitor and a coach. I always find new things to learn in the world of coffee and that is what keeps it exciting.

David Pai, Christchurch

I was proud to put down ‘Barista’ on my Arrival Card when I entered this country. It is a rewarding job. My aim is to be a true ambassador of specialty coffee & to provide customers an experience that is unforgettable & enjoyable. In my role as a cafe owner I’m excited to learn new things related to coffee and pass them down to my customers!