NZSCA Symposium with Huhtamaki

Symposium 2011 brought together nearly one hundred members to listen to celebrated international and national speakers like James Hoffmann from Square Mile and Chris Dillon from Coffee Supreme. NZSCA Symposium 2012 is shaping up to be an equally stunning day that will challenge your thinking.
NZSCA Symposium 2012 in association with Huhtamaki
Venue: Macs Function Centre, Wellington Waterfront
Time: 9am – 5.30pm
Date: Thursday 15 November
Pricing from $550
Includes morning tea, lunch, excellent coffees and post-event refreshments
Theme: There’s no such thing as a crowded market
How often have we heard one of our peers say: “The problem is there’s just too many of us, it’s just so much harder to make a dollar these days”.
Each of the NZSCA Symposium 2012 speakers started business hearing the same words but have successfully worked out their point of difference and carved out their share of the market.
Our speakers will present their unique perspective on this year’s theme and provide insight into how they have made their own businesses thrive.
We are very excited to announce six of our seven speakers – local and international.
Stephen Leighton, HasBean UK
Swimming in a sea of shit – standing out through quality
Steve’s popular In My Mug weekly show is up to its 200th episode, he has thousands of regular subscribers to his online store and is undeniably at the forefront of the web age of coffee, more>

Doug Zell, founder and CEO Intelligentsia
Lessons on cool – There’s always a new cool
Roasting facilities in three major cities in USA, Doug is CEO of the company that coined the phrases ‘throwdown’ and ‘direct trade’ and is father of the ‘new school’ of American baristas, more>

Mark Keddell, CEO Pack & Company
Social architecture and social engineering – creating your own market
CEO and co-founder of a company that describes themselves as social architects, Mark is an Olympic Games sprinter, boxing manager, entrepreneur, empire builder… yup and raconteur. More>

Sarah Gibbs, CEO Trilogy Products
How to take on L’Oreal, Proctor and Gamble, Estee Lauder and thrive
Sarah founded beauty business Trilogy with her sister Catherine in 2002. They were entering a market with 500 skincare brands in NZ pharmacies alone and over 25 thousand global competitors. More>

Saxon Wright, owner Pablo & Rusty’s and Coffee Logic, Australia
The knowledge game – Investing in education will make you less dumb and grow your market share
Saxon co-founded Coffee Logic, a training and educational business focused on professional development in the coffee industry, currently holding an SCAA International Educational Partnership License. More>

Stuart Hargie, BrewMaster Bell Tea & Coffee
Careers in coffee – carving out an exciting career in a crowded market
Q-grader, Liffe grader, World Certified judge for Barista/Brewers Cup and Coffee in Good Spirits Championships, NZ Roaster Guild Chair and now star of national TV campaign, more>