NZ Latte Art Championship

For the first time the NZSCA is able to stage the NZ Latte Art Championship!
Thanks to our friends at the Restaurant and Bar Show, the NZSCA is able to stage the first official NZ Latte Art Championship!
The New Zealand Latte Art Championship is proudly sponsored by Meadow Fresh.
The Restaurant and Bar Show will be the host event for the Championship and we will be running the event to ensure it complies to the World Coffee Events stringent Rules and Regulations and Scoresheets. We consider this an exciting partnership!
It’s FREE to attend the Restaurant and Bar Show so long as you register ahead of time, so REGISTER NOW!
The NZ Latte Art Championship leads to the World Latte Art Championship which is being held in Korea, 1-4 November 2012.
The NZ Latte Art Champion prize pack includes flights and accommodation to the World Latte Art Championship.
The NZ Latte Art Championship will be held in strict accordance to the World Latte Art Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct and other rules pertaining to the event.
Competitors ENTER NOW!
Entry fee $125 for NZ Barista Guild members, $180 for employees of NZSCA member-companies, and $200 for all others.
What is the NZ Latte Art Championship about?
The Latte Art Championship highlights artistic expression in a competition platform that challenges the barista in an on-demand performance.
The championship is comprised of two separate rounds: a preliminary round and a final round.
During the preliminary round there are two components: one in the bar area where a single creative pattern is produced and photographed (10) minutes, and the other on stage (6) minutes, where two identical free-pour lattes and two identical designer lattes are produced.
The photographs will be judged by a panel of a minimum of 4 judges: 3 certified NZLAC judges and 1 judge who may be chosen for their artistic expertise (chef, artist, designer etc.), who may not have coffee expertise.
The highest-scoring six competitors will compete in the final round entirely on stage (8) minutes. In final of this championship the baristas present two identical samples of ‘art in a cup’ for 3 different beverages – a latte, a macchiato and a signature beverage. The two first pairs made only with a pitcher of milk. The signature beverage can be made with any surface aid at the choice of the barista. To ensure that the presented art is what the barista intended to deliver, the judges will be given a picture of the signature beverage design prior to the start of the presentation.
The beverages will be judged immediately for visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in the patterns, and the baristas overall performance.
Event Overview – Structure
This competition takes place over 2 days and consists of a preliminary round and a finals round. Each competitor competes in the preliminary round, and then the top 6 will compete again in a finals round to determine the winner with the highest score, who becomes the NZ Latte Art Champion. (Please note that this is only a summary description of the event and that detailed structure and rules for this competition are set forth in and controlled by the Official Rules and Regulations.)
Important dates & times:
Heats: Sunday 19 August 10am-1pm
Heats continue and final: 20 August 10am-1pm Champion Crowned
Host event: Restaurant & Bar Show, Auckland
The NZ Latte Art Championship will be held within the Restaurant & Bar Show. The Restaurant & Bar Show is New Zealand’s leading hospitality trade event being held 19-20 August at the ASB Showgrounds. This year’s event will see a host of top speakers, world class competitions, producers market, wine showcase and more. This is the industry’s chance to share information and ideas, as well as explore the latest innovations from NZ and around the world. This is a free event as long as you pre-register online at – trade only. $20 door charge on the day.
Start practicing now, visit for all the score sheets and the Rules and Regulations
View the Rules and Regulations here>
Entrants so far….
Sam Low, Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
Massako Yamamoto, Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
Kim Shine, Auckland
Oliver Simon, Coffee Supreme Ltd, Auckland
Troy O’Rourke, The Terrace, Tauranga
Ken Shi, Roma Coffee Roasters Ltd, Auckland
Xun Zhang, BOX Cafe & Bar, Auckland
Richard Legg, Coffee Supreme, Wellington
Portia McLean, Flight Coffee/Memphis Belle, Wellington
Matt Hing, Barista Empire, Auckland
Byung-Kyu Kang, Columbus Coffee, Onehunga, Auckland
Hanna Teramoto, Espresso Workshop, Auckland
Andrew Feldon, Tomato Cafe, Palmerston North
Sean Kim, Cafe Melba, Takapuna, Auckland
Jarred Eves, Mojo Coffee Cartel, Wellington
Ashlee Connor, Mojo Coffee Cartel, Wellington
Duke Tran, Blue Moon, Auckland
Isaac Yu, Blue Moon, Auckland
Macey Berry, Luciano Espresso Bar, Christchurch
Hannah Cho, Zigana Espresso, Auckland

Kim Boyd, Coffee Supreme
David Huang, Espresso Workshop
Chris White, Altura Coffee
Dave Young, Caffe L’affare
Averil Cooper, Cerebos Greggs
Scott Pepler, Cerebos Greggs
Andy Lo, Caffe L’affare
Erin Farrel, Expresspak
Simon Lewithwaite, Toasted Espresso
Hans Pronk, Merito Espresso
Amanda Pike, Meadow Fresh

Running order Sunday 19th

Competitors will compete in pairs on stage in the first round
10:05 am Kim Shine & Masako Yamamoto
10:21 am Xun Zhang & Ashlee Connor
10:37 am Richard Legg & Sam Low
10:53 am Portia McLean & Jared Eves
11:10 am Matt Hing & Andrew Feldon
11:26 am Oliver Simon & Ken Shi
11:42 am Byung-Kyu Kang & Sean Kim
11:58 am Troy O’Rourke & Duke Tran
12:14 pm Isaac Yu & Macey Berry
12:30 pm Hannah Cho


Main sponsor:
The New Zealand Latte Art Championship is proudly sponsored by Meadow Fresh

Espresso machines and grinders generously provided by Espresso Mechanics:
Machines – Faema Due Smart
Grinders – Faema MC99 Grinders
Cups supplied by Acme & Co:
Please note the cups that will be used in the NZ Championship will be different from those stated in the WLAC rules. The latte cup will be a Cappuccino 200ml, inner surface at the top of the cup is 86mm. The Macchiato cup will be a Demitasse 80ml, inner surface at the top of the cup is 53mm.
Coffee sponsor: To be confirmed