Host a professional development course

The NZSCA has the license to run the SCAA portfolio of courses within New Zealand. In order to take these internationally respected courses to all parts of the country, we encourage our members to make their facilities available as host venues.
Each course has requirements which must be met in order to meet the high level of professional development expected of the students, instructors, the SCAA, NZSCA and indeed host themselves. This document is intended as an overview. More detail and specific requirements will be provided to those who are interested in hosting.
The first course we are looking at rolling out around the country is GE 103 Introduction to Cupping

Name of course: Introduction to Cupping
Course code: GE 103
Course duration: 3 hours
Course overview: This is a lecture about the methodology and function of cupping. The lecture is interspersed with interactive instruction in small groups with a maximum of six (6) people where three flights of coffees are explored.
Room requirements:
• A separate space that is quiet, free from distractions and odours
• The room must be able to accommodate a minimum of nine (9) people and the supplies listed below comfortably
• Easy access to fresh water supply and good drainage
Cupping tables:
• one (1) table per six (6) students
• height minimum of one (1) metre (SCAA specification)
The host must be able to supply
• Laptop computer, LCD Projector and screen/or flat screen TV and technical support
• Cupping cups/glasses – nine (9) per student
• Grinders (2) – SCAA standard
• Water urns or sufficient boiling kettles
• Cupping spoons – one (1) per attendee
• Clipboard, note pad and pencil for each student
• Stopwatches – one (1) per cupping table
• Seating for students during the lecture part on the course
• Suitable cupping tables – one (1) per group of six (6) students
• Trays for coffees – five (5) coffees per tray
• Spares for all of the above
Paper work:
Files to be provided by NZSCA and printed by the host
• SCAA cupping placemats (18 per table)
• Personal assessment forms (pre/post)
• Printed review of cupping protocol
• Handout
• Posters: SCAA Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel (3-4)
Twelve (12) freshly roasted coffee samples
• Three (3) from various regions
• Three (3) at various roast degrees
• Three (3) from various processing methods
• All vetted to range in score from 80pts – 88+pts
• Must be selected and sourced in cooperation with the NZSCA
The NZSCA is very grateful to members who provide venues for professional development courses. Venue hosts will be remunerated with credit to put towards professional development courses for staff. The amount depends on the number and size of courses offered by the host.
Please contact if you think you have a suitable venue and would like to host an event in your area.