Stephen Leighton at NZSCA Symposium

Standing out through quality – Swimming in a sea of shit
Stephen opened Has Bean, an online coffee store based in Staffordshire England. Has Bean is at the forefront of the web age of coffee.
He hosts the popular In My Mug weekly show where he tries coffee in all sorts of places from all sorts of brew methods. The show is an amazing undertaking with over 200 episodes many of which are partially filmed in his own bespoke film studio.
Stephen is co-creator of Tamper Tantrum a platform for his constant bickering and brainstorming with Colin Harmon, the two-time World Barista Championship finalist. Tamper Tantrum has reached a worldwide audience and inspired live events such as at this year’s SCAE expo in Vienna.
Steve’s coffee has been used in three World Barista Championship winning performances and is favoured by some of the best cafes in the UK and Europe. Steve is greatly in demand as a speaker at coffee events and we’re very pleased to host him in New Zealand.
Stephen is enormously well travelled, he does all of his own coffee sourcing, visiting producers frequently throughout the year. He’s also warm and gregarious, you can meet him at NZSCA Symposium 2012>